Save The Best For Last by Kim Hanks

Today I am featuring a book by author Kim Hanks. There was supposed to be a review here as part of pumpupyourbookpromotion, but the book has not reached yet. But please do have a look at the blurb. It is very interesting. It has words like evil and haunted and supernatural powers in it.

savethebestforthelastZwick Lamps, a secret admirer to Whitney Barnes, got targeted by a genius son of the past evil family that had lived in green oasis town.  However, it was once before that Zwick had finally discovered his supernatural powers that were only known by the isolated woman Tabitha, a misfortuned lady whose husband died on their wedding day.
In the aftermath of a fire rampage, Zwick is framed and prosecuted while Karl Hamilton got convicted and beheaded as per the capital punishment for misdemeanors in the town.  Though all along elites had thought that their town was safe, unfortunately they realized the evil bangle was using Karl’s body which raised many tensions of people as the entity haunted the town, it seemed unstoppable, untouchable, and above all powers as the bicentenary of its ancestors came closer for sacrifice.

khanksAlso do visit Kim Hanks website. He is only 21 years old. And this is what he has to say about his book.

Dearly Readers,

Save the best for last is my debut novel .which critics have compared to an example of hugely popular genres and reality in the novelists craft, and describing it as a strong, thrilling and a multilayered fantasy adventure written with a hand that is both sure and lights; the unforeseen twists, struggle and drama is logical within its inherent concept. This is the first book of the series.

Much love,
Kim Hanks

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