Memoirs of a fortune teller: Review

I have not read a single book in almost 2 weeks. I just cannot concentrate enough. I picked up ‘Breaking Dawn’ yesterday but even that couldn’t hold my interest.
So today I have a guest review (with a little tweaking by me) from none other than my younger sister. Let’s call her Glitter (I don’t know why but she likes that name).

I have 2 books by Gary Turcotte. This is the first one.

memoirs_of_a_fortune_tellerTitle: Memoirs of a fortune teller
Author: Gary Turcotte
Pages: 125
Outskirts Press

Memoirs of a fortune teller, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a fortune teller called Mary Ann. Except that this book is not a memoir. It’s fiction.

Mary Ann travels around the country with a circus. She can see people’s future or past just by touching them or their belongings. But what she cannot do is look at her own future or tune into a specific time in a person’s life.

As she reads people, the fortune and future of some people gets tied together to her own. Mary Ann’s reading unfortunately puts her own life in danger.

She pens down all that she has read and experienced in a journal.

This book is one quick read and does not skirt around topics or scenes. I read the entire book in just 3 hours. But all the readings by Mary Ann are really very disturbing. Not one person has a happy past. Something or the other has gone wrong with them. There is an abrupt change in the story which made me go back and re-read that part, but it’s a good change. Overall the book is very entertaining and captivating.

There is also a sequel to this book titled ‘Vigilante witch Hunter’, but this book is complete in itself.

This book was provided by Bostick Communications.

I could concentrate enough to read quite a lot of posts from my google reader but I cannot comment now. May be after a couple of days. Please be patient with me for not responding or not visiting.

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