Happy Monday!!!

I need rain now, heavy rains, the one where you cannot go out no matter how urgently you want to. But the weather does not act according to my whims and fancies. So it’s hot as hell. But it’s also very cold in the morning. I saw the temperature yesterday outside the weather department, it says min is 13 degrees and maximum is 33. That’s way too much fluctuating. But I know places that have much more fluctuations than these. But that’s not the point.

Did you realize what point I was making? I don’t think so. The point is I am bored and I need change. I am the kind of person who gets really bored with routine. I am so bored that I am okay with absolutely any change, even in weather.

But yes, summer is approaching and that means it’s time to enjoy all things that come with it. When I was in school it reminded me of summer holidays, 2 months of complete bliss. Hopping over from one friends place to another eating raw mangoes, tamarinds and cheap pepsicolas. My mom used to cut raw mangoes and soak them overnight in salt and turmeric. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I am not as patient as soaking them overnight but I do keep the mixture for an hour at least. Now thinking of summer makes me want to drool over pictures of snow covered mountain tops and even reminds me of chicken pox. Well I think it’s said that a person gets chicken pox at least once in his/ her lifetime and I haven’t got it even once. So summer does make me think of it.
Just a few weeks more and it will be that time of the year again.

We went to Karla caves last weekend. Although it was very hot, it was fun too. It’s good to get away even for a few hours. My boyfriend came over this weekend and we spent 2 blissful days together. He is off to Spain to meet his sister and her family. She lives on some Island which is also a tourist spot. I wonder how it is to live in such a place. Is life a perpetual holiday? May be not. But it sure could be more fun.

My reading has hit a wall. Usually a very bad book does it. But this time I have not read a book that was really bad, so I don’t know what is causing it. I am reading ‘Mermaids in the basement’ for more than a week. And it’s a good book, so I don’t know what the matter is. May be it’s the heat.

And may be it’s my boring job. I mean it’s not always boring, but I don’t think I ever went to work thinking, ‘Oh wow, I can’t get to start working on this’. Nope. I don’t want to work in Software. But I don’t want to leave either because it pays so well. May be after some years I will find something that I will be happy to do.

I came in to work today and I have terrible Monday blues. But I opened my inbox and happily noted that I have absolutely no work to do. So I am thinking of spending my time visiting the 200 unread posts on my Google reader and commenting too. And may be in the meantime I could google pictures of Amazon rainforest and spend some time day dreaming. Sounds like a good plan to me.

And I have realized what an incoherent post this is. It’s like I am talking to myself. I hope you didn’t find my rant too boring 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry about the rant! We’ve those moments too!
    Your mention of raw mangoes soaking in tamarinds have me drooling… I love mangoes, be it raw or preserved.

    I hope the weather gets better for you… ours is quite warm lately, hardly any rain though there are a few drizzles here and there. I wish we’ve four seasons!


  2. Melody: Me too, I can’t wait for the mango season.
    Part of what I like about tropical places is the climate. It changes which makes it less boring.

    Jace: Thanks Jace, I was counting on it 🙂

    Michele: All the best to you 🙂


  3. Haha! You can have some of our rain if you want it! It’s pouring down here as I type!

    Hope you managed to beat the Monday blues… and hope you get reading again soon too!

    (PS. I know a couple of people who live on the Spanish islands. They say it isn’t one long heloiday but I’m not sure I believe them!)


  4. Okay, so I am a day late. It’s Happy Tuesday here…soon to be crappy Wednesday. 😉 I need to catch up in my RSS reader. Thought for sure I was going to today…maybe tomorrow.


  5. I need change now and then too, and so I know what you mean. The weather in my part of the world has certainly been changing with great frequency. I’d love to share some of the cooler weather with you if I could.


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