Twilight Mania…

I had always wondered how people can be so obsessed with it. I mean I love the books, I think they were brilliant entertainment and I love Edward.
But come on, I don’t see how anyone can be obsessed by a fictional character. Yet, I know many people in the virtual world who are.
My younger sis likes fluffy books; books that have happy endings and books that are entertaining to read. A few months back I suggested Twilight. She read the first 10 pages and declared that she did not like it and was not going to continue with it because she thought the writing was bad.
Last month as she could find any fluff to read from my bookshelf, she decided to give it one more try. And believe me she read the book in one night. I was surprised. She proceeded to finish off New Moon and Eclipse in the same week as well. Knowing my sister and her reading speed this was quite a shock to me.
She passed the love for Twilight to her friend as well and she liked it. She asked my sis to lend her the next book, New Moon. Her way of reminding my sis to get the book the next day was as follows;
“Come tomm at 10 and don’t forget to get Edward with you 🙂 ”
And I realized I am seeing a future Twilight junkie in my house. After finishing the book she says to me, ‘Now what? I don’t think I will like to read any other book. These are easily the best books I have read in my life’.
The next day she says ‘Oh…I wish I had a vampire boyfriend’. The exact thing that I feared for has happened. She has joined the Twilight group on a networking site. I think her obsession is still within the limits but next I know she’ll put up a petition to marry Edward as 3 dimensional characters do not interest her anymore.
That news was funny right? A Japanese guy filing a petition to marry a cartoon character? I mean come on. I tried to put myself in his shoes and think but I still cannot understand this. What are your future prospects dude or are you just trying to gain some attention?
From the same link, there is one more-
Earlier this month, a woman addicted to Manga put out an online message seeking to kill her parents for asking her to throw away comic books that filled up three rooms.

I was in an all girl’s school till 10th std and I have seen girls do bizarre things. Some used to write names of the actors they love on bodies and all. I can understand having posters or photos in your rooms or in your books, but one girl even carved the name of Shahrukh Khan (I think) on her wrist with a rounder. Hello?
Oh so back to the topic. I gave my sis books by Lisa Kleypas to read. Although she has already finished one and is onto the next, she says the Twilight series was much better. After finishing ‘Mine till midnight’ she said ‘I think books like these could make you weary of all the real guys around. You would want a guy just like the one you read in your favorite romance novel which is not possible.’
At least she has the sense to differentiate between real world and the fictional world.

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  1. I think, to some degree, obsession with a celebrity is fairly normal, although I cannot say I have ever experienced it. It can go too far, however, like in the case of the man petitioning to marry a comic book character. It’s when that divide between reality and fiction becomes blurs that it becomes dangerous.


  2. Hey Violet,

    I guess our “preoccupation” of certain fictional characters will pass with time? 🙂 I remember being “preoccupied” by JR Ward’s heroes when I read the first 3 books of her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. 😉 Nothing drastic like tattooing their names on any part of my body though! 😀 I’ve now stopped reading this series and the characters (except for 2) are distant memories.


  3. I enjoyed reading the Twilight series, and I thought they’re entertaining.
    I agree with Wendy that obsession with a celebrity is fairly normal (especially during the teenaged years) but I think the obsession will pass once they’ve reached adulthood (or the ‘trend’ is no longer hot!).


  4. haha! That’s funny – the guy filing to marry a cartoon character! Loving it. I once saw a TV programme when a woman was divorcing her husband because he was obsessed with Lara Croft…


  5. Talking of obssession…Dove had at least 500 pictures of Daniel Radcliffe…unluckily our hard disk crashed and she lost all of them…
    Nowadays it’s Madonna…


  6. I might sound like the oddball, but I don’t love the characters nearly as much as I love the story. Not with just this series, but with all the books I read.


  7. Huwie: I hope there is more to that story 🙂

    Anjali: I think Dove’s obsession is still within limits 🙂

    J.Kaye: The book I read is third in the series, so I ended up not liking it so much. But I have a strong feeling that the previous books were very good. I might or might not review it depending on the time.

    Melody: I thought I might just mention it 🙂


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