BTT: Inspired…

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

This is a really nice question. But I am not really sure how to answer it. The one line answer would be ‘I love reading’ so I don’t really need an inspiration. But that’s not entirely true right? Let’s say like most of the readers I am inspired to find new authors, new stories and new worlds that are far different from my own. That’s the exact reason why I love to read memoirs and travelogues too. I love to learn something about different cultures, different cities through books.

My reading is also inspired by my mood. Like yesterday I was in a mood to read some classic. So I browsed through all the classics I have and picked Jane Eyre. Some of you guys have been raving about Jane Eyre and that’s why I picked it over others.

So it also means that I am inspired by my fellow bloggers and the suggestions I keep getting. That has in fact broadened my horizons as far as reading is concerned.

I am also inspired to read about things I love. For example I love to watch documentaries about wildlife and nature, so if I get some book related to that or set in such an environment I would love to read it.

What else? Book stores inspire me too. Whenever I am on a reading block and even my favorite genre is unable to get me back on track, I go to a bookstore. Just being near so many books and browsing through them gets me back to my reading. Mostly. What inspires you?

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  1. Ooooh! Jane Eyre! Hope you enjoy.

    Escapism is always a good inspiration to read. And CS Lewis of course, famously said “we read to know we are not alone.” I think I agree!


  2. There are so many ways in which we can be inspired, it’s true! It’s hard to narrow down just one reason but I thought this question was a particularly fascinating one worth thinking about and taking the time to answer!


  3. This is a difficult question to answer as I can see taking it in several different directions. Everything you mention, inspires me, I would have to say. Mood, other book blogger recommendations, interest, and visits to the bookstores . . . All great inspirations.


  4. I love reading memoirs too. It can be really inspiring to hear how other people live and deal with the challenges in their lives. One of the most inspirational memoirs I’ve read in a long time is That Went Well by Terrell Dougan, about her relationship with her special needs sister. You can’t help but come away with a renewed faith in community after reading it, which is kinda appropriate this week, I think.


  5. As I read this post and think about my own inspiration, I have to describe where I am right now! I am in a “Book” cafe – serving coffee and lunch and set in an old town library. I’m drinking tea, staring out the window at the cold snowy gray day and am warm and comfortable among the other patrons, chatting about books and their lives and it’s all so good… I am SO EXCITED to find out this place has internet access for my laptop to grab onto! I’m about to meet a friend and exchange books… Hope you are having a lovely day!


  6. I pretty much feel the same as you, although I answered my post completely differently. But still, I also feel inspired mostly by my mood, and then other bloggers and reviewers and books themselves. 🙂


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