Photoblogging: cleaning the bookshelf…

As you can see, my small bookshelf was stuffed with books; there was absolutely no space to fit in more. And each shelf here has already 3 rows of books. So I decided to do a little cleaning so that I have a nice, clean bookshelf this year. 
These are all the books I own, some 150 I think. I sorted the books and made a separate stack for the ones I haven’t read.
Here it is-my TBR pile…
So on the top shelf went all the books I have read and the bottom shelf contains all the books from the TBR pile.
And see how much space I got now. I think I can cram in 40 more books easily.
On another note, here is the cat J got from London. It is battery operated and it walks and meows all the same.
So that’s it for now, what’s the situation of your book shelves?

14 thoughts on “Photoblogging: cleaning the bookshelf…

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  1. Haha! That’s cool! We’ve just redecorated our living room with floor to ceiling book-shelves… unfortunately they’re full already! Think we need to go on a book-fast!


  2. All my bookshelves are full, even our storage room has no more space for my pile! LOL. I think I’ve to do some housekeeping one day and clear away those books which no longer interest me… I might put them on my BookMooch inventory for other readers to mooch or as giveaways. 😉


  3. Well done on the cleaning! I really should do something about the stacks of books I have! I saw your comment about being unable to get a copy of Middlesex on Beth Fish Reads. To start off my tidying I can send you my copy if you like? It really is a great book!


  4. Melody thats a good idea. I would have considered mooching too if international shipping wasn’t almost the price of one book.

    Jackie: Very generous and sweet offer, mailed you 🙂

    Thanks Elizabeth 🙂

    Nymeth: Me too. I think it makes us feel better seing other in the same boat 🙂

    Hover: Yes, I agree. I read the book after taking the picture. Here’s my review.

    Natasha: It gives me immense pleasure to know that my TBR pile is small 🙂


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