Reviews, reviews and more reviews…

I am going to admit that I am lethargic and do a many-in-one post review today. Not because the books do not deserve their own post, but because I was too lazy to review them as soon as I read them and I do not remember the details.

Let’s start with Creepers by Jaonne Dahme. I love reading horror books, but sadly I haven’t found any good books lately. There are many reviews out there but most of the books are not available here. I was very excited when Creepers came in the mail. I skimmed through the pages and let me tell you it’s such a beautiful book. Every page is pretty, the font is beautiful and the drawings inside the book are fantastic. But I was disappointed with the book.
The story of Creepers is based in Murmur, Massachusetts. Courtney, along with her family comes to live in a very old house close to a cemetery. The first thing Courtney notices is the abundance of the Ivy creepers on the house and the surroundings, including the cemetery. She meets their neighbors, Margaret and her father Mr. Geyer who do the cemetry tours. As Courtney becomes friendly with Margaret, a teenager her age, Margaret tells her that they are searching for the remains of her ancestor. The story revolves around the clues that will lead them to the grave and all that. I am not revealing the plot here. I think a beautiful setting and a plot which had good potential was wasted here. The writing is not that great either.

Okay, let’s move on.
I’m not scared by Nicolo Amminnati. This is one of the best thrillers I have read this year. This book is translated from the Italian version. The suspense in this book was not overpowering. It’s not one of those fast pace modern day thrillers. It opens in a small isolated Italian town where a 10 year old boy discovers a secret in an abandoned farmhouse. He struggles to keep it a secret and to make sense out of what he has discovered. The descriptions of the prairie and the region are so wonderful that I could actually imagine being there. I could actually feel the oppressive heat and the sensation of being stuck in a place where nothing ever happens. The end is really sad. I urge you to read this. This is one of the very few books where you actually feel the fear of the little boy, the kind of fear that reaches deep down into your bones and grips you. For people who love good thrillers with good writing, this book is for you. I cannot recommend it enough. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

Let’s jump to paranormal now. Any given doomsday by Lori Handeland. The story was a little too complicated for me. Elizabeth Phoenix is a Psychic ex-cop whose foster mother Ruthie is killed by monsters. She is supposed to train and take her place and fight all the monsters and save humanity as doomsday approaches. I found it very difficult to get into the story for more than the first 100 pages. Then there is the sex part which let me tell you did not bother me, what bothered me was the fact that the character called Sawyer was introduced just so that the author can write some steaming sex scenes. Seems like Elizabeth could increase her powers when trained by Sawyer and the only way he could train her fast enough is through sex. How very convenient. The writing is good. I especially like the constant sarcastic comments by Elizabeth. The story would have been much better if it would have been a little less complicated. The last hundred or so pages were good. All in all an okay read.

So that’s it folks. I wanted to add a few more books to this but I didn’t. I’ll try and be less lazy next time onwards. Oh and yes, thanks a lot Dawn for Creepers and Jaime for Any given doomsday.

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  1. I try to stay away from scary books, the only partly scary ones (more suspenseful than scary) that I have read are vampire books. I have only read one. I get tooo scared and then my mind plays tricks on me…I get even more scared.


  2. Arghh – I sooooo wanted Creepers to be this great book! I just read another one like that, where the pages were beautiful, etc, etc, but the story was kinda awful. It’s so disappointing when that happens.


  3. My book group read *I’m not Scared* a few years ago – wow, powerful scary! I remember the way we discovered the back-story at the same time the characters in the book did; it was very suspenseful! Then we rented the movie from Netflix and watched it with lots of merlot — extra powerful creepy scary!


  4. Kathy: I hope you enjoy the book.

    Bethany: lol, I get scared too, but I love being scared (only while reading or watching movies)

    Michele: Yes, I know what you mean, very disappointing.

    Dawn: Isn’t it a wonderful book? It was so different from other thrillers I have read. I haven’t watched the movie though.

    J.Kaye: I’ll be looking forward to your review.


  5. I too am not a fan of horror. I’m ok while reading but end up with nightmares. So no horror in books or movies. Vampires, however, I love! I don’t have an answer.


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