Shadow of Colossus by Tracy Higley

Title: Shadow of Colossus
Author: T.L.Higley
Genre: Historical Fiction
Set in: Greece
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The place is the island of Rhodes; the time, 227 BC. In the ten years that Tessa of Delos has been in bondage as a hetaeira, a high-priced Greek courtesan to a wealthy politician, she has learned to abandon all desire for freedom and love. But when her owner meets a violent death, Tessa is given the chance to be free—if she can hide the truth of his death and maintain a masquerade until escape is possible. Now Tessa must battle for her own freedom and for those she is beginning to love, as forces collide that will shatter the island’s peace and bring even its mighty Colossus to its knees.

My Thoughts:

Tessa has been a hetaeira, a mistress, for more than 10 years, a captive with one of the island’s most powerful politician Glaucus. All she wants is freedom. Fate gives her a chance when her master dies accidentally leaving Tessa with 2 choices. Either be hanged to death if charged with his murder or pass on to her next master who could be more if not equally brutal as her previous master. She chooses none of these.

She decides to free herself from all the bondage by running away from the island, if only she could keep the death of the most powerful man on the Rhodes Island a secret for a few days.

Enter Nikos. Nikos is on a mission. His father has sent him to gather the workings of the politics of the Island of Rhodes. And the best way to start is at Glaucus’s home. A few days before Glaucus’s death, he manages to get a job as the head servant in his house. But when he reaches there, he finds out the secret which is known only to 3 people on the entire Island, Tessa, her present head servant Simeon and Glaucus’s daughter Persephone.

He decides to help Tessa escape the island.

Shadow of colossus has everything I want in a book. It has suspense, romance, rich details, beautiful writing and a lovable cast of characters. Even though the book is written from different point of views, and you know what is going to happen next, the author keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

I loved Tessa. She is a woman with great strength. And I loved Nikos. His struggle between following his father’s wishes and wishes of his heart is very well portrayed. The writing is so beautiful; I almost smiled at the beauty of some of the sentences.

This is the first book in the ‘Seven Wonders’ series. The next book is ‘City of the dead’ which is based in Egypt. Go to the authors site here, which also has a link to all the beautiful places in Rhodes Island as well as the history.

This a wonderful and a satisfying read. I have a new favorite author now. I say go grab your copy.

To read the review of another book from this series, Guardian of the Flame, go here.

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