The Adventures of Songha by Linda R. Caterine

songhaBook: The Adventures of Songha
Author: Linda R. Caterine
Authorhouse – Fiction/Children’s
This book is meant for people who love cats. It is a fictionalized account of an exotic Savannah cat named Songha. Unlike normal cats Savannah cats are meant to be free as they have a wild streak.

Songha is unable to settle into a homely life. She wants to go out and explore. She manages to escape from the house and explore the neighborhood. She befriends the other cats, saves a cat mother and her cubs from a coyote and becomes the queen of her “Kingdom”.

Other than the plot, I think the book mainly explores the wild streak that savannah cats have. My friend has a lot of cats and she told me most of the cats are like that. They are not like dogs; they don’t need humans all the time. They come to you when they feel like. I wouldn’t know for I have never ever owned a cat.
This is a cute little book with beautiful sketches inside. Also, I liked the poems after every chapter. And it’s interesting because it’s told from Songha’s point of view.

My new home is in Las Vegas
With its bright and shiny streets,
Where white tigers jump through fiery hoops
In a city that never sleeps,
A fitting place for one like me
Where “Stars” are often seen,
I have found that in Las Vegas
It is GOOD to be the Queen!

I just found one problem here. This may sound funny, but I think the cat Songha was really vain. There is a difference in being proud of what you are and thinking you are the best. May be I am reading too much into it. This book is good for children who can read on their own. If you want to read the book to your children, read it maybe 1-2 chapters at a time. This book has a lot of information (by children’s standards). It’s better to deal with it little at a time. All in all, this is an interesting book.

Received from Bostick communications.

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