Random tidbits and a meme…

I seem to have lost a sense of time lately. I woke up yesterday morning (Monday) and I as I was putting on my jeans I realized that it is not Friday, but Monday. I mean hello? Didn’t I just come out of a weekend? Today I woke up thinking it is Thursday. Then I convinced myself that it was Wednesday. While working on my office desktop, I quietly hovered the mouse on the bottom right hand corner (where the time is) and I realized it is Tuesday. There is definitely something wrong with me.
I have seen quite a few movies on my computer last week. Elvin and the chipmunks, Vantage Point, Hitch (don’t you just love Will Smith), Fashion (I got tired of watching Priyanka Chopra for 3 hours) and Kite Runner (I had seen half of it before) .I know these are old movies (except Fashion), but I wanted to catch up and I couldn’t find any new good movies released.
J is going to London for 2-3 months this weekend for a business trip and I am already miserable. Maybe I will give him a list of books I want (the ones not available in India). At least some good will come out of his trip 😉
I want to go out of the city for a couple of days. I feel stifled. I need a change.

What’s up with the Wizard of Oz book? Suddenly I am getting a lot of searches on my blog for that book.
I have bought a total of 20 books this month. I think it’s called splurging. I wanted to say I am not going to buy any more books this month, but what the heck? I don’t care.
I didn’t know Lindsay Lohan is bisexual. Oh…well, I guess it’s the men’s loss.
Yay for the outcome of the U.S election.
On a last note, Mr. Michael Crichton, we will miss you.


Sally had tagged me for a bookish meme. I am supposed to write 7 bookish facts about myself.  I think I stopped counting after 4.
So here we go.


  • I cannot read self-help books. Even popular books like ‘Men are from Mars women are from Venus’. I think it was entertaining but I could not read it for long. The only self-help book I have read completely is ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera. And that too because I did not have any other book with me at that time and I was working in an exhibition where afternoons were pretty dull.
    I love buying books; I cannot come out of a bookstore without at least a one book.
    I went to landmark the other day. I bought 4 books which cost me around Rs. 750. The cashier said if I could buy RS. 1000 worth of books, I would get a membership card. As I frequently go to Landmark, I thought I should buy 1 more book to complete the total. So I went back again and instead of buying 1 book, I ended up buying 4 more books. Oh, well.
    I absolutely could not finish ‘The memory keeper’s daughter’. I know most people liked it, but I couldn’t even finish half of it. I took a break and went back to it after reading another short book. But no use. In fact, it put me on a readers block for about 3-4 days. I don’t think I will ever pick it up again. Or maybe I will skip read it. I want to know what happened to the little girl.
    I never read when I was young. So I compensate by reading children’s books and classics even now. And I love them. I just bought Oliver’s twist and Anne of green gables this weekend. I have never read them before and I can’t wait to start.
    I cannot read more than one book at a time. I try, sometimes, but it is really hard. So most of the time I stick to a single book.
    I love reading Mill’s and Boon and Silhouette books even now. It helps me get over my reading block. And what better than reading a book which you can finish in 2 hours? And I love romance books, so there.
    I passed on my ‘The world’s famous serial killers’ book to my J. He doesn’t read much, he prefers watching Seinfeld reruns instead. I think he liked the book. He said, ‘Give me more serial killer books’. I don’t think that’s good. Instead I got him ‘World’s famous gangsters’.

I am in a mood for colors as you can see. Anyone else who is interested in doing this meme is most welcome. Consider yourself tagged.

8 thoughts on “Random tidbits and a meme…

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  1. “I love buying books; I cannot come out of a bookstore without at least a one book.” I’m definitely with you on this one!! 😉

    I’ve a lot of Mill and Boon books in my pile… I haven’t been reading them in a long while so I guess I need to get to them one of these days!

    Someone tagged me for this meme too so I’ll post mine soon. 😉


  2. It can really throw me off when I think it is later in the week than it actually is. I watched Vantage Point recently as well. I do hope you will be able to get out of the city, even if only for a short while. I know what it’s like to need a change.

    I love to buy books too–one of my vices, I’m afraid. I probably would have done the same in your shoes at Landmark. 🙂


  3. The meme is interesting. I *may* do it myself. 🙂

    I can’t read more than one book at a time either. And after I’ve finished a book, I need at least a day to “cool off” before starting the next book. 😀


  4. Haha, yes, you should totally ask him to bring you lots of books back!

    I’m so with you on self-help books. My main problem with them is the way they talk down to people. I use to be a monogamous reader, but those days are gone 😛 And as for children’s books, it’s never too late to catch up! Can’t wait to see what you think of Anne 😀 (I only read it for the first time this year too, btw.)


  5. As long as your getting the books at a good deal then what does it matter how many you have. Oh and as long as your get around to reading them all. I am a bit rubbish at that. I buy then never find the time other than before i go to bed. That is my quiert time. But now i have some many knitting projects i knit before bed then am so tired i fall asleep before i pick the book up.
    How did you not know about LILO? No loss to men either i think. x


  6. you must read anne of green gables quickly..and then every book in that series! it is one of my fav! i am actually listening to it again right now.. it is such a darling book!


  7. I often forget what day it is, so easy to do. Well it doesn’t help that my work rota is mixed up over 24/7…
    As for Lindsay Lohan I don’t think she knows whether she’s coming or going either.


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