2009 Pub Challenge and an Award :)

I am joining the 2009 Pub challenge. This is the first challenge I’ll be joining and I am really looking forward to it.
Although I am a little confused about adding books I want to read that would be released in 2009.
I don’t want to shortlist books and go through the disappointed of books not being available, so I’ll add books as the new year dawns. I might pick up a Nora Roberts or a Nicholas Sparks book, that is if they have a release scheduled in 2009.
I know Nora Roberts has 2-3 books in the pipeline. But they are her J.D.Robb books which I am not interested in. I hope Khaled Husseini publishes one that would be a treat. Even Jodi Picoult for that matter. I am so excited. Bring it on.
On another note, a very happy one indeed, Melody has given me this award. Isn’t it pretty?
Thank you so much Melody. I find your blog very addictive too.
And I would love to pass this award too. But I guess many of my favorite blogs have already got this, but please accept it anyway.
Huw Williams: I have been reading his blog for more than 2 years. And I am addicted to his blog to the extent of missing reading it when he does not blog for an extended period of time. He is a great musician, he conducts an orchestra and he also writes songs. Great eh?
Eva: I would say I discovered her blog some 2 months back and believe me I read every post of from the archive right from the start. Eva, your blog is truly addictive.
Nymeth, Shana: I guess you girls have already received this award, but I can’t help it. Accept it one more time please.
Ah…enough, I can go on and on.

Side note: Naida of The Bookworm is creative enough to come up with this award, and don’t you think the button is lovely? (nicked from Melody, I agree with her 100%)

10 thoughts on “2009 Pub Challenge and an Award :)

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  1. I love reading challenges — but I’m weird about them. I have a hard time using books I read for review as counting towards the challenges…it feels like cheating. (I told you I’m weird!) So I end up choosing different books and then my reading gets bogged down with too many titles. Argghh. So these days I mostly just enjoy other people’s posts about their reading challenges. 🙂


  2. Michele: I love reading about challenges too. Now I want to finally participate. And no, you are not wierd, that sounds like completely reasonable.

    Huw: That would do. Just one post a day, or may be 2 🙂

    Melody: Do participate. I found the challenge very accommodating.

    3m: Happy to participate. I am going to do just that 🙂


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