Courage of fear: Barbara Boyer

Angela is a Pulitzer Price winner with a posh LA home and a handsome and successful husband Jackson who loves her a lot. Her life is perfect. Then, a disaster strikes, her husband leaves her and she returns to New England, her hometown.

I was really confused while reading the first few chapters. In one chapter she was with her husband Jackson, all happy and content and in the next chapter she is devastated and unable to think straight and
decide what to do with her life. This alternating of situations and time really left me confused. This goes on for at least 8-9 chapters. I really didn’t understand what was going on. At one time I was going
to give up. But I didn’t. I had a hunch that this book is more than your usual romance book.

But after about 50 pages or so, the book and the writing really blossomed. I starting liking Angela and also started sympathizing with her. I liked the secondary characters too. There is Leo, a high school
boyfriend, still stuck on her and there is Culann, the caretaker of her estate. I found Culann very interesting and likable. Even Lizzy, her childhood friend who is not in talking terms with her anymore is
very likable.

With the help of her friends and Martha, who brought her up after her parents death, Angela finally comes to terms with the loss and the grief. She realizes what GOD wants her to do with her life.

I don’t want to reveal any more for the fear of spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t read it. And yes, I loved the end; it was so unlike what I expected.

Before every chapter, there is a quote from Angela’s book, ‘Wrestling with the demons’. They are like gems sprinkled in between pages. I found the author, Barbara Boyer’s writing full of practical wisdom.
She preaches without preaching. I just wish it was a little more polished.

I think people who like reading Inspirational or Christian fiction will love this book. But that does not mean others would not like it.

Here are some of my favorite quotes/ sentences from the book: (No Spoilers)

–Many who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually pained believe
they must find the ending to create a beginning.

–There are always other ways back across the water, burnt bridges or not. Whether I choose to go around, wade, swim, or build another way to repair what appears broken or burnt, if I need to.

–“I am a moon who has lost her sea.” Culann smiles, “Why is it the Ocean doesn’t lose its current during the brightness of the day? Our moon doesn’t disappear, Angela. It is till very much a part of the sea. Just because you cannot see something, does not mean it does not exist.”

–Surrendering is not giving up, it is merely moving over to the winning side.

–…just do not give up before the miracle happens.

Okay, clearly I do not know where to stop. Read it if you want to read something inspirational and uplifting.

Authors website: Barbara Boyer

Thanks to Frontstreetreviews for sending me this book.

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  1. Clearly you enjoyed the read but I don’t know what this means

    She realizes what GOD wants her to do with her life.

    It seems to be a refuge rather than a solution. Like a mother’s loving hug that will make everything safe again. I’m sure it’s a great comfort to believe that you are part of some grand plan and I can see how people would turn to that comfort in times of emotional trouble. What I don’t understand is how it actually fixes anything.

    I’m not saying this to be snarky, I’m just curious.

    Also “Wrestling with demons” always makes me think of Beaver and Steve.


  2. I know what you mean. GOD is not a solution to a problem here, it does not fix anything. As you said it just gives the woman a perspective in the grand plan.

    It’s like, after a long time of confusion and agonizing and suffering, something happens which make you realize that this is what you were waiting for. This was what was supposed to happen. People who believe in GOD take it as his plan. People who don’t find different explanations to it.

    It’s a Christian Fiction book and I wont be able to give satisfying answer to your comment.

    But when i read the book, i didn’t feel as if she was finding refuge. It also has to do a little with the end of the book which I haven’t given here.

    P.S: It’sot like she turns into a nun or something…


  3. Thanks Violet, that sort of makes sense. I don’t see anythign as “supposed to happen” but I can see it as positive when someone turns a negative event to their advantage.

    Nuns are funny.


  4. You know I have no idea. They just make me laugh. Probably because the idea is strange and they dress up in those silly outfits. There’s the whole bride of Christ thing too, it’s a bit strange. Oh and Sister Act.

    I’m sure they don’t think that they’re funny and that they are doing good. In a lot of places they really do excellent charity work. That doesn’t make them any less funny though.


  5. Thanks for the read, Violet. I have enjoyed reading your’s and your friend’s comments. Please keep in mind folks, this is NOT a Christian book. It is indeed, as Kirkus put it, a “post-modernism” book. As a matter of fact, a few Christian folks have sent me some interesting (possibly disturbing) emails about their reads. Ah, a topic for another time perhaps.
    Courage of Fear has recv’d wonderful reviews so far. I am very excited about its release in December. Everyone is welcome to read the first few chapters for themselves on my website,, if you would like. There are other reviews posted there and on my publisher’s website,
    Again, thank you all for buzzing about Courage.


  6. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I meant inspirational fiction, not Christian fcition. I have been reading a couple of those recently, hence the mistake.


  7. You are very welcome, Violet. How fun is this? The internet allows us to stretch across continents to meet each other. It is the simple things I suppose. You have a wonderful site, friend. Best to you. b


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