Line of Scrimmage

Kick back your shoes, catch hold of your favorite arm chair, a cup of tea and get ready for a cute, passionate, steamy and wonderful romantic story.

Susannah and Ryan have filed for a divorce and 10 days before the divorce is to be finalized and she is to marry someone else, Ryan returns to her life claiming he does not want a divorce and that she’ll be compelled to reconsider giving her marriage another chance once the 10 days with him are up. Basically this is the gist of the story.

Not exactly a path-breaking plot, I agree. But can you tell I loved this book? It started off like a normal romance novel, but somewhere along the way, it raised its bar. Ryan and Susannah are really likable and adorable characters, not to mention Ryan is hot as well.

As Susannah decides to give another chance to her marriage, she discovers where she went wrong as well. They come to terms with what was lacking and what should have been. I really loved this book; have I said that before? I liked the witty dialogues as well as the writing. The author pulls you into the book and the story without any effort. The story has a football background, but don’t worry, even if you don’t like football or don’t understand it, it won’t be a hindrance to your reading.

I just didn’t want it to end, I wanted their misunderstandings and quarrels to go and on. But all good things do come to an end.

Considering this is the author’s first book, I am really impressed. I will certainly be reading her next book.

Read Line of Scrimmage if you want to read a nice romantic book. I promise it won’t disappoint. Thanks to ijustfinished for sending me this book.

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