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I haven’t updated, as in actually updated for a long time. Book reviews don’t count. I am still unable to write anything. I start writing and then cannot go any further. I really don’t know why.

I haven’t told you about my new company right? Well, it’s nice, good people, good work culture and all that is associated with new companies. Ask me after 6 months.

The sad part is the present state of the U.S economy. As I am working in a Bank’s I.T section, I kind of get a close look on the situation. Especially after the collapse of Lehman brothers, people were really sad about thousands of lost jobs and the effects it will have on global Trade market. I heard there was a German Bank who had accidentally deposited 4 million Euros in Lehman brothers account only to learn that it was bankrupt. All the money was lost. What a blunder.

Though it does not affect people in India who already have jobs, directly, it still is affecting a lot of people working with bank accounts. Even huge banks are cutting down on billable people. It’s sad to think about the employment situation in the U.S. Hope this crisis does not last long.

Personal life is a mess; don’t feel like writing anything down at the moment.

On to better things then. The company is situated on a hill, almost. The city has expanded so much after I.T companies springing up, that there is not much place left to expand. I am sure after some years even these hills will be extinct. The place you see below in the picture was actually barren land about 5-6 years ago. Look at it now.

The picture below is the parking lot of my company and the road that the back gate of the company leads to. Its almost the last building in the I.T park in this particular phase. I am sure all this is going to be blocked by buildings some years down the line.

Sorry for the picture quality, they are taken from my cell.

On a side note I have been getting a lot of reading done than usual.

My birthday on 5th Oct, J’s on 17th Oct, Id on 2nd Oct and then there is Diwali somewhere at the end of October. I hope good times are ahead.

Oh, yes, talking of all things good, I just won an author signed copy of the ‘Immortals’ by Joy Nash. How cool is that? This book is releasing on October 1st. I can’t wait for the book to get here. I am super excited. And I won the first 2 harry potter books too. yay!!!

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  1. I can’t get my head around the whole Lehmans thing. I used to work with them a lot in my old job and it was such a well off massive company, it just doesn’t seem to make sense how it can all collapse so quickly!


  2. One of our directors is a Mortgage expert. I say “expert” in the legal sense because he is often called as a witness in mortgage fraud or technical loan trials. He predicted the mortgage industry problems some time ago because of the irresponsibility of many lenders and lack of checks in place to reduce fraud.

    The government is almost as culpable as the lenders themselves. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is supposed to regulate the mortgage industry but instead of controlling the lending policies they concentrated on trying to ensure customers are treated fairly. Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) has become an excuse for lenders to treat their suppliers poorly and undermine costs. That’s beside the point really except that it will change the way mortgage debt is dealt with for years to come.

    On the positive side we should see a way out of this mess in two or three years time. 🙂


  3. Yup, I agree with Hover. A lot of people have been predicting this crisis for a long time (I picked up one such book again the other day and noticed that it was written in 2003). People just chose to ignore them. (As for the FSA – don’t get me started!)

    Hope you enjoy Harry Porter! (You’ve read them beofre, right? )


  4. Huwie: I haven’t read even a single Harry Potter till date. I once skimmed through one but did not read it. I loved the writing style though.

    BUT, I have watched all the movies. I am so excited to read them.


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