Caution: Rant starts here

The past 2 weeks have been rough. So taxing that I did not feel like writing it on my blog even.

Starts off with my roommates getting transferred to Pune. One left on the 18th, one left this Friday. We vacate the flat and I have no place to stay. Of course I could have gone to my sisters place. But I didn’t. I had my reasons. Her house is very far from my office, around 3 hours every day by bus. Also, she is newly married. Now I would really hate myself if I had to disturb her for 2 weekends and 5 weekdays. So I asked my manager for a guesthouse on company expense. As I had already asked him to release me on 25th and he didn’t in spite of telling him I had no place to live, I thought it was his duty to at least try and see if I could get the guest house. Instead he gave me a vague contact to ask if it is possible. I had to make almost 7-8 calls before finally giving him the conclusion that he has to approve it and the company has no problem at all. Ha, I already knew that.

The movers and packers guy had come this Friday to pack all the things. He said he’ll charge 40 Rs per KG. My friends had their stuff but I just had a TV (J’s) and my bike. He said he’ll charge me 2,500 for the scooty and the TV will be charged on the weight. Now how much will a 21 inch TV weigh? Maximum it could go up to 30-35 kilos. He called back later the next day and he said he’ll charge 4000 for the T.V and 3000 for the bike. I mean hello? You get a new TV for 5000! The guy is such a jerk. He said after packing the TV weight was 80 kilos. What have you packed it with? Steel?

I was so pissed off with him for that entire day, trying to lower down the prices, telling him that this was cheating and so on. He did not relent. I called up another Movers and packers. They said they will take the TV for 2500 without any additional charge. I told the previous guy I wanted to take the TV back. He is like okay, take it, but pay me 200-300 for the packing that I have already done to the TV. I agreed. I send this other movers and packers guy to his office to collect the TV. He asked him to pay 1600 for releasing it. I couldn’t believe what a jerk he could be.

I had to pay a DD to the company for the notice period I am not serving. Saturday was the only day I could do it. I went to HDFC bank and told them to accept cash as I did not have my chequeue book with me in Bangalore. They refused. They said they need a chequeue to issue a DD. It is not possible to do it any other way. I really didn’t know what to do. If my roommates were here I could have got a DD from their account and paid them the cash. But both had already left. Luckily I saw SBI bank just round the corner. They agreed to issue a DD by accepting cash. I tried to withdraw that much amount of cash from the SBI ATM, but the machine said ‘Insufficient funds’. I thought the ATM did not have enough money (This happens often with the ATM close to my house). So I went back to the HDFC bank ATM. But it said the same thing. I was so frustrated that I just wanted to give up. That too standing in line for almost half an hour at both the ATM’s

My expense report is still not approved and it needs to be approved before my release else I won’t get that money. I tried to contact the person in charge of approving it, but to no avail.

May be all this doesn’t read as much to you, but I was absolutely exhausted by it all. I think it was because of the movers and packers guy. I was fighting with him almost the entire day. And I hate fighting. It disturbs my peace of mind. Even when I had major fights with my sister I used to get all drained although I never told her that.

But all’s well that ends well, right?

I got the accommodation approved for the guest house.
I realized in time that maybe my account did not have that much money. I checked and viola, I was right. But I had some cash so I emptied my account and added up the cash I had with me.
I called the mover and packers guy and it took a huge amount of effort to speak politely to him and ask him to release the TV. He said he’ll take it for the same amount the other guy is. Although I still wanted to take the TV from him, I relented.
And while writing this, I just got an approval for my expense report.

So all in place, I guess.
The guest house is really nice with very good food. It tastes almost homemade.
I am sharing the room with another girl from the company and we get along really well. We spent almost half of the Sunday chatting like old friends.

I had to submit the DD to this one guy. I called him and he asked me to submit it to another guy. He gave me the contact. And all kinds of thought came to my mind. The guy would not have come to office today. He’ll refuse to accept the DD. My clearance form won’t be closed and I won’t be released. But yeah, I was over thinking. I went to the guys desk. He took the DD, gave me the receipt and closed the form in 2 minutes flat. I could not believe my luck. This week started off on a good note. Hopefully it will continue that way.

And I end my rant here. Sorry, just had to get it out.


I just realized what a long post this is. Oh…well.

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