Lazy blogging…

It is absolutely necessary to do the BTT question a soon as it is posted. Because if I don’t do it, knowing how lazy I am, I will never get around to actually doing it.

Bangalore has some really good book exhibitions. They sell books for like 50 Rs each. Heaven. I plan to get some books while shifting to Pune. Who knows when I’ll come to Bangalore again.

My manger is on leave till Thursday and I won’t be able to know my release date till then. Oh…this waiting.

I am getting really bored at work, not because the work is boring, because I have resigned, sillies. I just don’t feel like preparing a 50 page document for someone else to refer to. But I’ll do it. I am a professional you see.

I reach home earlier than my roomies every day. So I cook alone almost every day. I cannot wait for them to come home to start cooking as they generally come in by 9 or 10. I am not complaining.

I am missing J to the point of making me cry sometimes.

Bangalore water is bad. It makes my hair frizzy, dry and rough. And its falling out in chunks. I cannot wait to move.

Don’t you think my blogging frequency has increased. I’ll tell you why. I have decided to do the BTT post every Thursday. As I used to blog weekly, I didn’t want this to convert into a book blog. Not that there is anything bad in it, but that was not my intention in starting a blog. So yes, thanks BTT, you are motivating me to blog.

Well yahoo photos closed down long back. You know that right? So I shifted to flickr, something they recommended. But I don’t like flickr. So I shifted to Picasa. It’s easy to upload and arrange photos. I love it. In fact I like all goggle products.

I have been hinting J to bring me flowers, but he just doesn’t get it. The only time he got me flowers were when we were strolling on M.G.Road and there was this really young girl selling flowers. He felt bad for the girl and bought some flowers for me. And then he looks at me, smiles and says, ‘See finally you got your flowers’. Sigh. Guys.

I think I am done with the updates for now.

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  1. men are so rubbish at thinking of buying flowers. My hubby only ever gets them from Tesco and thats really once in a blue moon. I would like a nice big bunch sent to me occasionally.


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