Resignation time :)

I resigned from my company today. I was waiting for my manager to check into office so that I could tell him personally before resigning on the intranet. As the resignation letter goes to his boss I thought he might as well know about it before hand. But he did not come today. I called him, he did not answer. So I put down my papers without informing him.

I will have to talk to him tomorrow about my release date. The new company wants me to join as soon as possible. But I don’t know my release date yet. The official notice period is 2 months. I just hope I don’t have to serve the entire notice period. Well, I’ll come to know by tomorrow.

I mentioned I will be going to Pune for another face to face interview round right? Well, I had to give 3 rounds of interviews, the last being with the director. He said he insisted on me coming down to Pune because he wanted to see the person whom they will be offering so much salary (i.e.75% increase) . But yeah, everything went well. I have the offer letter in my hand and all is well.

P.S: Did any of you get the chance to watch the Solar eclipse on Friday? I came out from the directors cabin (interview round) and saw the consultant looking out of the glass wall. And there it was. We could see it for a fleeting 4-5 seconds before it was too bright. And also, as it is not good for the eyes we did not look at it for long. I tried to take a picture from my cell but it’s come out a bit shiny with the flash and the glass wall and all.

On another note, the Russian Novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn expired at the age of 89. My dad got a book written by him called ‘The gulag Archipelago’ long time ago. The book describes, out of many other things, the horrors and atrocities committed in the Soviet labor camps where he was imprisoned for 8 years. In one of the chapters in his book he has written about the various torture methods used. You have to marvel at the minds of the people who had come up with them. Truly sadistic and psychotic.

And that will be all, for today. Sorry Hemanshu, I tried to keep it short 🙂

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  1. Well done hun for handing in your resignation letter. Your stepping into a new part of your life and i am sure it only has good things for you.
    As for the new place. Its gonna be a new adventure. Yay. x


  2. Sure I understand.. didn’t expect you to post it on here for me 🙂 You can either email me or let me know over coffee.

    I thought the company was in Pune, not Mumbai? why don’t you just get some messenger to chat yaar.. yeh pareshani hai blog pe TP karna


  3. Yah…the company is in Pune, and Pune is my hometown. I guess you have got confused somewhere 🙂

    About some messenger or chat, everything is blocked here 😦

    Where are you now? In India or still in the U.S?


  4. I’m here in good old pune. I got mixed up as in one of your replies you said we will meet often once you are in Mumbai.. i expected you to say pune 🙂


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