The interview with the director went very well. The consultant told me the director was very impressed. He said he is not sure whether they will offer me the salary I have asked for but they will come very close to it. The role I am going to get is very good, just what I wanted. Now the only thing I am worried about is that the job is on contract basis. They said they will make me permanent anytime between 6 to 12 months depending on my performance. I asked my friends and they say everything is good except the contract option. It does not offer any job security.

Now I am thinking from a futuristic point of view. If I accept the job, I’ll leave Bangalore within 2 months. I’ll be able to tell my parents about J and then whatever happens we might get married within the next year. After marriage anyway I will have to shift to Mumbai. The fact that I hate Mumbai deserves a new post altogether. So if I have to leave the job within a year anyway I don’t see a problem. And the company does not have a branch in Mumbai. So no transfer problems. I’ll hunt for a new job with even better salary. Greedy. I know.

I am leaving for Pune tomorrow (Friday) in the morning via the 11.15 flight and the face to face interview is scheduled at 4.00 p.m. They will hand me the offer letter and the terms and conditions in the meeting.  I’ll accept the offer letter and meanwhile look out for another job opportunity before joining. If I get a better option I’ll go for it, else I’ll always have an offer with me. I’ll be back by the Sunday afternoon flight and I’ll resign, hopefully, on Monday. Yay.

Hey I forgot to mention that the company is ready to offer me the exact salary I had asked for (a 75% increase). Now I wish I had asked for more because they accepted so easily. Always wanting more, eh?
Just wish me luck.

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  1. arre kaam hai naa, bahot hai, but I don’t feel like working and especially when I know I am going to resign 🙂

    point no1. You are supposed to comment on the contents of my post, not why i post.
    point no 2. You post about once in 2 months. I have a name for such people. ‘Abhi the, abhi gaye’ bloggers 🙂
    point no 3. A post takes only 5 minutes to write.
    point no 4. I am multi talented. I can do many things at a time.

    Enough said 🙂


  2. Dil pe mat le yaar.. main to avain hi keh raha tha 😀

    Aja aja.. pune aja fir milte hain.. ab to biwi sang ana padega 🙂

    No one is debating your talents 😛 As for my blog, wait for a revival.. shall come soon 🙂


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