Job Hunting…

I had a nice little telephonic interview (with a leading IT finance company which has just opened its account in India) today. It went on for about 30 mins. Out of the 10 questions he asked I could not answer only one. Yay. At the end he asked me why I wanted a shift. Now I couldn’t tell him that I wanted better salary and better designation. Although this is the standard question asked in interviews I had forgotten to think about a good response. So I had to cook something up in 2 seconds. I told him I wanted a domain shift. I had asked my manager to shift me to the finance domain but they refused saying it will take at least 7-8 months. And I am not willing to wait that long. I think he was convinced.

I went to an internet café yesterday to upload my resume in Naukri and Monster. J had told me that there is an option where you can pay a minimal amount for sending your resumes to some 500 companies for a desired location. But when I checked yesterday, it was for all over India, also the rates had doubled. Besides I did not want junk mails and calls from places and company’s I was not interested in. So I sent my resume to a couple of friends and asked them to forward it to their companies. Let’s see what happens.

I got a good feedback for the interview I mentioned above from the consultant. I have a second round of interview with the Director of the company tomorrow. The only thing I am worried about is the salary they will offer me. And I don’t think I will settle for less this time.

I just hope I don’t have to create category for ‘Job Hunting’.

As an aside, I am going to create a new page for all the proverbs or sentences or anything good that I hear or read. It will basically be for my reference. I used to store them into different files on my computer but eventually I lost track and then stopped storing them too. I intend to start again and what better way than to put them in my blog.

Well, here it is.

I should have mentioned this before. I don’t understand what is happening. After 7-8 serial bomb blasts in Bangalore on Friday, there were 17 in Ahmadabad on Saturday. Al though Bangalore did not suffer severe loss, almost 40 people are dead in Ahmadabad and more than 100 injured. And ‘Indian mujahidin’, the group responsible for the attacks have send an email where they warn of a possible terror attack in other cities as well. Now, all of us are waiting and hoping that their warning isn’t true.

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  1. Ah…it was good. It was with the director of the company and he was very impressed 🙂

    Now its more or less upto me to say yes or no. They will let me know the salary by weekend.


  2. Nice going! Looks like it was fairly easy to get that job you wanted.. if it’s good, go for it.. don’t think too much. Some decisions are best made at the spur of the moment. 🙂


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