Post-wedding updates

The wedding is over and everyone is feeling very lethargic. The wedding was good, so was the reception in Goa. My sis and bro-in-law are off to Paris and I think a general Europe tour before they come back on 30th of this month.

I still can’t believe she is married and wont be an annoying, irritating fixture in this house. I can still sense her barging in the room when I am using the computer and ask me to wrap up so that she can use it. I opned her cupboard by mistake and when I realized it was hers I immediately closed it shut thinking she might come in any moment and scream at me for going through her things. So in a sense I guess it will take time.

J had come to the wedding and I introduced him to my sis and her husband, although a proper meeting is still pending. May be when she comes back. She is going to settle in Bangalore for some time. J is in in Mumbai right now and will be there for at least a year, but I’ll have to co-ordinate and set up a meeting.

I am leaving for Bangalore this Sunday and I am absolutely dreading it.  I need to look for a job and resign as early as possible and shift back to Pune so that I can tell my parents about J. I don’t want to do it when I am still in Bangalore.

2 more days to go before I leave Pune. I am spending my days meeting up with friends, watching movies with my sister (I watched Kung fu Panda today. It’s awesome). 2 more lazy days to go and then I’ll be back to my daily routine. Till then I guess I’ll make the most of my time off.

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  1. Cool. Glad it went well and that you had a good time!
    Yep, I remember when I brothers got married (I was still living at home) it was a huge adjustment. It’s an exciting new chapter though, too.

    Oh yes, and I can’t wait to see Kung Fu Panda, either!


  2. ooh everyone is having a spring clean as it looks lovely over here too.

    I am sure that all this change is going to be for the better of your ralationship.

    I really want to go see that movie. I missed it last week as i could of gone with my baby. She would of loved it. haha


  3. Thank Pete 🙂

    Huwie, ah yes, talk about exciting. My parents have now lodged a full scale ‘A groom for me’ search 🙂

    Fab: You should go and see it. Its very funny, but I guess it will be a little too much action for your little one 🙂


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