Dissapointed…yet again

This post is a little long and is about me ranting, a lot. I won’t feel bad if you ignore it.

Our promotions and pay revisions for this year were announced. I was told I was going to get promoted this cycle. I even have a written proof (well, kind of) that I will most likely get promoted. I even got a very high recommendation from my onsite coordinator. My performance ratings for both mid-year and year-end cycles were the highest ratings anyone could ever get. Now what is wrong in expecting a promotion when you were told you were going to get it and also because you slog and work so hard?

After the promotions were announced I had people I knew from my previous projects mailing to congratulate me. I had to tell them that I am not promoted. Trust me every single person was shocked.

When my name was not in the promotion list, I wrote a mail to the HR head of India.


I joined *** on Jan 22, 2007. I have been through 2 appraisals (mid-yr and year-end). I have got the highest rating both the times.
After the mid-year cycle, I was told that I would not be promoted as I have not completed 1 year in the company.

This time, the reason I have been given is that I do not have enough experience. My total experience is 30 months.

There are people who in spite of not performing that well have been promoted just because of the number of month’s experience.
Is that the only criteria to be considered while promoting? I wanted to know the role of ratings in the promotion cycle.

It is very de-motivating to slog so hard and still not been given a promotion.

It would be very helpful if you please let me know the criteria for the same.

Awaiting your reply.

She got back to me, gave me the contact of the promotion team and I spoke to a few people. The explanation? Well, the promotion quota was very less and strict this time due to recession, so we can do nothing about it.

When I got my salary revision letter, I was compelled to write a mail to the HR head gain.


Sorry for bothering you again.
I had raised a concern regarding promotion last time. I was concerned about not getting promoted as it could affect the salary hike.

Now, after the salary hike, these are my primary worries:
1. My salary, after revision is **. It is almost equivalent to what fresher’s get today, in some cases even less. Considering I have an experience of more than 3 years, my salary should definitely be on the higher side.
2. I have been transferred from Pune to Bangalore. I have realized that the standard of living in Bangalore is much higher compared to Pune. So currently its more or less like living from paycheck to paycheck.

I had already spoken to ** regarding this.

As far as my knowledge, the next hike/ promotion will be in December, which is again a very long time. I know the explanation this time too is going to be strict rules and regulations. But I would also like to point out that one of the purpose of appraisals is also to adjust the pay structure based on market conditions. I don’t know of anyone who has a similar salary structure as mine unless they are underperformers.

I sincerely hope something comes out of this.

Please do get back.

As usual, she gets back saying that my salary is in line with the company standards and my work experience and ratings. Since when is the salary I get good for a 3 yr experienced? I seriously feel like shaking her and asking her this question. I can even give her proofs, hundreds of them. But I don’t want to get into any of this again. The only option I have is to resign. Only then will I get a good package which is line to my experience and my talent.

Now the result is I really don’t feel like working at all. Looks like there is no point if people get promoted just because of their experience.
I will update my resume on jobs sites when I am home, after my sister’s wedding. And I’ll start preparing for interviews.

The sad part is I really love this company and the work culture here. So it will be a shame if I have to leave just for the salary, or the lack of it.

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  1. That’s very shortsighted of your company. Perhaps when you’ve got a job offer you can threaten to resign unless given a better package. Are many other people similarly discontent? What does your head of departmentteam leadermanager say? HR will only be able to act based on their instructions from your manager and company policy so they’ll fob you off until told otherwise.

    Is there an appeals procedure for pay increases or a review process that you can go through? Are you in a union and can you get your union representative to intervene on your behalf? How legally binding are the pay promises that were made? Do you have any record of these promises that you can repeatedly beat HR and your manager about the face with?


  2. Oh god Hover, so many questions?

    Yes, many people are discontent. But the thing is a person who has got say 5 rating gets a hike of 12% and the one who has got a 3 rating gets 11%. I really dont see much difference in the hike here.

    My company is huge. Even if i do raise a concern, which i already have, i am sure it will make no difference. They will simply put everything down to company policies.

    Then later they will try to convince you by saying they will send you onsite. I for one am not interested in going anywhere, so for me its not a carrot. They think everybody will fall for it. Thats what they have told me too. I am completing my VISA formalities but I am sure I wont stay long just because of it. It is just a temporary solution.

    I have emails written to me by my manager and i have even told the HR about it. But all they have to say is the company rules were very strict this time. You will ceratinly get promoted in the next cycle. It’s of no use actually. I knew nothing would come out of writing mails to them, but i just wanted to take everything out of my mind.
    And now this is again turning into a blogpost 🙂


  3. Yeah im with pinky. If you say that you are thinking of leaving maybe they will do something about it as they dont want to lose you.


  4. Actually a threat to leave doesn’t always work. Granny Green in our office went so far as to resign four weeks ago in the hope of more money. She tried to withdrawn it last week but the big boss is quite eager to get rid of the whinging old biddy. Another guy I knew resigned a few years ago and was offered a substantial pay rise (at least 50%) but had already made up his mind to leave to it was too late from his point of view.

    My view is that someone who resigns doesn’t want to work there any more. A pay rise or better conditions can delay them leaving but not change their mind. It is therefore better to suggest that you might be forced to look for work with better pay than to threaten to leave if you don’t get more money. Confrontations can easily backfire.


  5. I’m very sorry to hear about it, it’s not fair at all and you’re clearly worth being paid more. I’m afraid I have no advice, only sympathy, but hover seems to be doing grand on the advice anyway.


  6. Pinky, Fab: I dont think they will do anything if I said I was leaving. First of all they will offer me an onsite position which I am not interested in.
    Secondly, if they do offer me a pay hike, it will take a long time. Till then, if I have resigned, obviously I will have a very good job offer in my hand. SO even I wont feel like staying back. So no point there.

    Hover: You are right. I think the project on which the person works is also very important. If you are a critical resource for the moment they will ceratianly consider a pay hike. As far as I am concerned, I just finished a very crucial and a very very imp. project. It is already in Production, so I dont think they will consider much hike.

    Thanks Pete 🙂
    I guess resigning is the only option. But first I need to have some offers in my hand. Which might take 2-3 months…


  7. Take your time deciding whether to resign or not.. I agree this is not a good situation to be in, but then think about the kind of work you are doing.. if you feel it’s good to great, I’d ask you to rethink as at this time the experience is more important.

    You could easily get a 100% hike in a job shift IF the experience you bring with you is unique, and in a way, killing. So in that case bidding some extra time in a place that doesn’t recognise your potential is okay.

    Hope aside of all this, things are well and that J is hanging around you. I guess you must be in Pune this week. Enjoy your stay and your sister’s marriage (?)


  8. that’s very annoying. And like Hover says, very short-sighted of your company. You’d think they want to keep their best employees, recession or not…


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