The Blogstalgia Meme…

From Pete

Can you remember without looking what your first post was about?
Yes, It was something on the lines of ‘Why a Blog?’ . I don’t remember all of it though. Almost 2 years ago.

Where did you write it?
In my office, when I was too bored and irritated to do any work. And I had just discovered 20six. I wasn’t sure if I would have continued with the blog. But somehow I wrote the first post, then the next and the next…

Which was the first blog you read?
First blog I read was Stephanie’s blog. The first blog I read after I started blogging was either Pete’s, Sammy’s or Katja’s. I can’t recall.

Who did/do you tell about your blog if anyone?
No one. I would not like to be identified. I think I told one of my friends, but then I had to change the blog because a couple of people knew about it and I was not comfortable blogging.

Has your blog ever caused a scandal?
Nope, and I hope it doesn’t in the future too.

Tell us something random which happened as a result of blogging?
Ummm…Not much really. I just came to know that one of my good friends whom I told about the previous blog could not keep it to himself in spite of repeatedly warning him to. See, there was this guy, also a good friend of mine, who really liked me. I told about my blog to this other friend who is a very good friend of this guy. I had written about a guy I was kind of going around with at that time. When I was talking this other guy, he asked me how my relationship was going. And I was sure I had not told him anything about it. So there. I was disappointed but I didn’t say anything to him. Confused? Never mind.

Snog, Marry or Avoid – pick another blogger for each.
I am happily committed. And J does not have a blog. No one in the ‘Avoid’ category either. So…

What’s your most amusing blog memory?
Many. But currently I cannot recall any. ahem. Actually I am having trouble understanding what exactly falls under the amusing category…

P.S: The Ooty trip was fabulous. I’ll write a post later when I upload all the photos.

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  1. Hehehe – I remember your first post well, Violet! Pete and I rather took over. I think you must have had one of the most-commented-on first posts in the history of 20six …


  2. Ah I rememeber Katja, It was something about Pete wanting to go to a Posh girls school and also something about his lilac lingerie. Yeah…fond memories 🙂


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