Psycho-analysis of feeds…

I have 81 feeds in my Google reader. Not all of them are ‘daily life’ blogs. I have a ‘CNN-Inside Middle East’ feed, A ‘CNN- Inside Africa’ feed and ‘Top Stories CNN’ feed. I have a ‘National Geographic daily news’ and a ‘Gorilla Protection’ feed too. (Which are both very interesting by the way)
Recently I added a ‘Britannica – advocacy for animals feed’ too. I also have a feed for Discovery channel’s ‘Man VS. Wild’s’ host Bear Gryll’s apart from normal blogs, author interviews and latest books feeds.

I was just wondering if the kind of feeds you have or the kind of blogs you read have anything to do with the kind of person or the type of personality you have?

CNN Top Stories has many new posts every hour. They are not complete feeds, just headings and a brief description. I generally skim through all the articles and only click on those which I am interested in. And recently I have noticed that majority of the articles I tend to expand and want to read have something to do with human/ animal suffering, wars, deaths etc etc.

I’ll give you examples:

  • Deadly suicide blast hits S. Afghanistan
  • S. Korea’s Lee: No older U.S. beef
  • China to raise fuel prices
  • Son wonders if dad’s wife poisoned him
  • Rape a way of life for Darfur’s women
  • Militant attack closes Shell oil facility
  • Zimbabwe opposition: Mayor’s wife killed

Okay, you get an idea, right?

I mean, by common sense I can say that if a person has feeds related to books or photography or travel it means that the person is interested in those things. But what can you say about the kind of stuff I like to single out and read? Mind you I don’t feel very depressed or anything by reading all the news above. I am just plain interested. Obviously I think how can people be so cruel and all that, but that’s about it.

What will you call me then? Don’t call me a sadist because I don’t take pleasure in reading such news. What kind of feeds do you have apart from daily-life blogs?

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  1. Mmmm interesting.
    I’m no psychologist but I’ll get the ball rolling with a theory that you are a person who is:-

    1. outgoing (likes to know what’s going on the world – news/current affairs feeds)
    2. caring/socially responsible (animal welfare feeds)
    3. sociable (obvious blog feeds)

    well, I tried!


  2. I’m not sure your reading on human/animal suffering says anything bad. I reckon it’s probably good that you want to know about this stuff. Burying your head in the sand and pretending it isn’t happening (which, I have to admit, I guess I do sometimes) doesn’t help anyone…

    I can share all of my feeds… but nothing very interesting, I’m afraid. They’re all blogs. Oh, and a few sports news feeds. That’s it. I really should have some news (or other responsible reading) in there but, hey… I think they call it ‘compassion fatigue’?


  3. Well,sports hmmm. understandable considering you are a guy 🙂

    J wanted to watch a football match today starting at midnight. And i am like yah…I really want to be interested in whatever you like, but i kind of prefer watching a chick flick instead. So I let him off to go with his friends instead. What a great sacrifice 🙂

    Hey, as an aside have you watched ‘Get smart’ staring Anne Hathway? We have tickets for sunday and I am so NOT looking forward to it. J’s idea. I am persuading him to watch ‘Sex and the City’ with me 🙂


  4. Very wise… When a guy needs to watch sport with the boys… best let him go for an hour or two! He’ll appreciate it!

    Nope, don’t know ‘Get Smart’… I should check it out (or maybe not from what you’re saying?!)


  5. I dont know how the movie is. I was just really put off by the poster. It has guns and all, it means it is an action movie, which I dont like. I’ll let you if I like it.


  6. Yeah – that movie is based on a comic tv series from when I was a kid. The tv show was very funny, I hope the movie is okay.

    I wouldn’t say your news feeds are sadistic, they show you’re aware – and the Africa one definitely suggests caring for others and about world problems.

    My bloglines is almost all blogs, but I do have a few none blog RSS feeds – BBC News, BBC Sports, BBC Cricket, BBC Sunderland Football, Media Guardian, and Garance Doré. Not sure quite what that says!


  7. Pete: You are a sports fanatic and yes, you are also obsessed with BBC, I am not sure in what way, good or bad. But then I do not need to know your feeds to guess that 🙂

    Pete, Hemanshu: Loved the movie, I’ll call it an action as well as comedy. But a good movie anywayz…


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