Home…sweet home…

People, I am going home in July. I think I have mentioned that before, haven’t I? For 15 whole days.

I was supposed to go on 5th July, but my flight got delayed by 5 hours. So I am rescheduling it to a day before.

Did I tell you I am going for my sisters wedding? I am so excited already. And I feel so bad I am not able to join the preparations, the shopping, and the excitement.
I am also sad because I could not shop for myself for the wedding. I had bought one sari, but the rest of the stuff my mom and my sisters have got for me. I just hope that everything fits, else there will be another session of tucks and trims and the frantic wait for the clothes to arrive on time.

J will be coming for the wedding if he is in India at that time. I wanted to introduce him to my elder sister before that. I might if I get the opportunity and time. Even though my sister and I don’t get along very well, her opinion is important to me. I hope she likes him.
I am just so happy for her. Looks like she has found someone she had been looking for all the time.

Did I tell you the reception is in Goa? It is going to be fun. I know there is still lots of time but I can’t wait.

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  1. Ah…Goa is a beach destination; it’s a tourist place and a hot Christmas and New Year destination. I have been there twice, once with family and other time with friends. With friends I had been there at the end of monsoon season and it was absolutely beautiful with very little tourist crowd. If you ever visit India, you have to visit Goa.


  2. Yes Hemanshu, I will. I will be going to Goa after a long time. But I dont kow how its going to be as it will be the peak of monsoon season.


  3. Haha, there is a song ‘Go Goa’ by Goa Tourism, i think or by some hotel in Goa, i am not sure.
    Why dont you write a song when you visit the place?


  4. Heyy gal! U sure look happyyy 🙂

    I have been to Goa quite a few times and am a complete beach person !!! And did you get to introduce this guy you’re dating to your sis? I wonder why you still don’t get along well though! I also went through some of your previous posts (been long since I last visited here!). So you are sure this chap, J??, is the right guy for you? i mean.. I don’t mean to interfere, but look at how he behaved with you and called you names when you last fought! Even though you drove him over the edge, does that give him the liberty to do what he wants? Think about it before you plan marriage with him! 😦 Every person is good when the going is easy, the true test of character is in the bad times.

    Stay well!


  5. Crazyyy: I know what you mean about J. Thanks for your concern.

    Trust me I have thought a lot about it. When I say he is the nicest guy I have met, it means in the real sense, not only compared to others.

    And we have been through a couple of bad phases since then, fights and all, where I was wrong in both the cases, but he never ever behaved the way he did then. Not even close. So I hope thats good enough. I would not have been with him now if that would have been the case, how much ever I love him.

    And most important, he realizes he was wrong then and I can see that he really means it. There are many dimensions to this. What I write here is only a tiny part of it.


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