I have had the most amazing time last 10 days or so. Last weekend being a long one, I went with my friends to Mysore which is about 3 hours from Bangalore. Though I had been there before, being there with friends was a completely different experience.
The Mysore palace is the best. I mean it’s awesome. I have been to the Taj mahal and trust me; this place is much better then the Taj. It’s beautiful, I wish I could put up some pictures of the interiors, but cameras are not allowed inside. Here are some I found on the net.

Monday ‘J’ came from Doha and we were like inseparable the entire week. He took me around the entire city. He went to some superb places to eat, watched a couple of movies and went to his favorite pub in Bangalore. He made me feel soooo special and loved; I can’t even begin to describe it.
He left for Indonesia on Saturday night. I went to see him off at the airport, but he refused to let me come in, said he wont be able to say goodbye. So we said our goodbyes outside. I felt so empty inside the cab on the way back home. He’ll be back in a month or so.  Till then all I can do is wait.

That’s it for now I guess. And yes, so many blogs are blocked here. All of blogspots, some wordpress, sammy’s and Fab’s, and so many more. But I still read them through reader and keep in touch. Hope all of you don’t forget me due to my lack of writing and commenting as well. Hope everyone is well.


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  1. Pinky, dont worry you will settle down too.
    If i can feel okay in a over crowded town like Bangalore, you’ll take no time to setle down in beautiful Spain 🙂

    yes CM, looks like that, but now that J is gone, i feel bored and lonely once again. can’t wait to visit home…


  2. Hey hun. I am glad your settling in.
    Whats this about blocked blogs?. Im not blocked. Oh maybe i did for a little while as i didnt know what was going on but that was ages ago.
    Im back now and glad that you are too. xx

    PS) DOnt be lonely. x


  3. Fab, you weren’t blocked before, nor was Pinky. But i dont know what happenned. Maybe the server must have picked up some word on your blog and blocked it. You’ll never know.
    And i am happy you decided to stay back 🙂


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