First impressions

Finally I have a little time and opportunity to blog. Reached Bangalore on Saturday evening at around 5. The first thing I noticed other than my friends who had come to receive me was rain. It was so hot in Pune I didn’t expect this. Well it was drizzling actually. Went to my friends place after that. Did nothing but laze around and chat. The next day they decided they’ll take me to one of the most happening place here. And guess what it is? ‘The Forum’ and it’s a bloody mall. I mean hello? Since when did malls become happening places? But we enjoyed anyway. Making fun of the south Indian heroes who actually look like villains and trying to guess the names of the kannada movies on the hoardings was fun.

The rickshawallas here are absolutely awful. I used to curse the Pune guys, but no, these people have no competition. And the traffic? It’s the worst ever. I left office at 6.30, reached home at 8. And so much time for a 15 min distance.

But yah, my roommates are the best. I know one of the girls for like 9-10 years. The house is good. The company is good.
But I miss my family and my friends the most, more than I ever thought I would.

Sometimes I feel as If I made a big mistake by coming here. But most of the times I think this is for the best. A new experience, new friends.
But finally, a place being good or bad depends on whether people who are close to you are by your side or not.
And I miss J, a lot. He is in Doha, Qatar right now. So we can’t even talk regularly on the phone.

Rest is fine, I guess. How is everybody else?

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  1. Good luck! Sounds like a new experience. And I know the feeling about missing home and friends.. I have uprooted and moved every 3 years for the past 12.. So I know how it is.

    Enjoy it all. 🙂


  2. Hey CM: The job is more or less the same, but it is a for different client, so its a change.

    Hemanshu, you are quick man. Main shaadi ke card ke bina nahi aaungi, sorry 🙂


  3. Oh, Violet! I believe that what you are experiencing are the second thoughts that everyone has when they’ve decided to make a big move. I don’t think anyone makes any BIG decisions without that feeling that maybe they made a big mistake. Brides and grooms are famous for it and I’ve never bought a house and moved into it without having a tide of it wash over me.
    It feels terrible–that “how did I get myself into this and how can I get myself out of it?” feeling and missing your family just makes the feeling stronger. Don’t give up, though. When you know your way around the new place and have the things you like about that place I think you’ll remember the good reasons you made the move.
    I hope you’ll be very happy there.


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