Almost ready…

I am in complete daze. I don’t know what and when I am going to finish packing.

I just got my 100 something clothes washed and ironed yesterday. And they fit just nicely in my travel bag. The only problem is where do I squeeze in my books, cds, shoes, handbags and stuff. My mom doesn’t understand why I need to pack so much.  She says take stuff you need and then if you think you need more we can always ask my brother-in-law to carry stuff back and forth for me. My point is why trouble him even though he keeps on shuttling between Bangalore and Pune almost every alternate weekend? I don’t feel like troubling anyone. Beside how does it matter if I am going to send my stuff through movers and packers anyway?

Did I tell you my sister is finally getting married in July? My only regret is I won’t be able to do much work for her wedding. I’ll be taking 2 weeks leave, but still, I feel it’s not enough.

I have friends to meet, stuff to be collected, bills to be paid before I leave. So many things actually. I just don’t know how I am going to manage everything.

I have to co-ordinate with the travel and finance teams in my company and get things sorted out.

I just bought a blood red colored sari, which I absolutely love, for my sisters wedding. So at least one important task is off my list.

And I feel a little feverish today. I just hope I don’t fall sick when it’s almost time to go and I have so many things to do.

Also, I managed to watch Juno, which is an awesome movie, especially the one-liners.

So other than this, I am absolutely excited.

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  1. Hey! Exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting! Good luck with everything!

    (Glad you liked Juno – I absolutely loved that film!)


  2. Ummm…no, not exactly, its similar, it does not have that huge border. I could put up a picture if you want 🙂

    It was just an example actually…


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