Help Required!!!!!!!

I showed a nice, romantic, mushy message sent by J to my younger sis. And you know what? Where a normal girl would have ohhed and aahed over it, she made a weird face with an expression that said, ’yeah right, whatever, how tacky’. That’s when I knew she required help.

Its not that she is not romantic. But I guess she is very skeptical. She’ll analyze and dissect everything romantic a guy says to her. Okay let me give you an example.
If suppose some guy likes her and he says, ‘You are looking pretty today’. The first thing that will probably come to her mind will be, ’yah right, the way you say it everybody’. Sarcasm personified.

So I explained to her the state she is in and that she has no romantic future if she continues to be this derisive.  And I think she got the point. She asked me to give her a Mills and Boon book to read. Ha…as if that was going to help. I didn’t have any anyway. So I asked her to read Twilight, the love story of a normal girl and a vampire. Apparently she didn’t like the language in the book (it’s good by the way; I don’t know what put her off). So I gave her another one I love. Suzanne’s diary for Nicholas – James Patterson. I remember crying throughout the book.

But yeah, reading a novel ain’t going to help, right? Any suggestions for my sister? 

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  1. haha! I used to be skeptical like that too!

    If she’s anything like I was, she’ll meet someone one day and WANT to feel romantic… Then it will all change!

    If her skepticism keeps her from having her head turned by people she’s not that interested in, I guess it’s OK…?


  2. Pinky: I don’t think Wuthering heights is her type of book, it will make it even worse.

    Huw: true. That’s what I told her. When she meets the right person everything will be different. But somehow I don’t think she believes me 🙂


  3. Huwie’s right and probably she won’t believe it until it happens but when the right person comes along, she’ll be doing poetry, buying him flowers and writing her very own romantic mushy messages. Bet you anything!
    Love changes people like that, doesn’t it?


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