Let’s talk about nice stuff…

I just got my year end appraisal rating today and guess what? I have the highest possible rating. That means my promotion is more or less confirmed. I just hope I get the required hike in the salary.

I spoke to my parents about my transfer to Bangalore for the first time yesterday. I told them I want a transfer because the production support for my project is shifting to Bangalore and I really Want to go. I did not want to give them the real reason because I know they won’t understand and also I didn’t want to hurt them. I think they are okay with it. I’ll get to know today or tomorrow.

I think my sister’s marriage is on the cards. I just don’t want to write more about it yet because I am afraid I’ll jinx it. Silly I know, but still.

I am meeting J tomorrow instead of Sunday. I am taking half the day off. I am just soooo excited. And nervous. Wish me luck…

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about nice stuff…

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  1. And such a lot of nice stuff you have to talk about!
    I’m wishing you happiness tomorrow and that everything you’ve enjoyed up to now is even better after meeting J.


  2. That is such good news, it’s brilliant! I’m really glad they recognised all that hard work you’ve been putting in.

    Now ready yourself for tomorrow, be cool, be sexy, be gorgeous, and don’t forget to tell J he looks great (we men are so easy to flatter). Good luck!!!


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