Not all complaints, I promise…

I am like so busy; I have no time to breathe, literally. And I am totally drained. Its not that I haven’t worked for long hours before, it’s just that it was never this stressful.
It’s because even after giving my 100%, things don’t work because of external or whatever reasons and I feel as if I am doing all this for nothing. It’s like there is huge load on my back.
You are right. This is one of my ‘I am cribbing’ post; and I know that’s all I do lately.

But this is like the max frustrated I have been since I started working, that would be almost 2 and a half years.  I’ll tell you why.

I had this massive amount of work to finish and then suddenly there was a power failure. Can you believe that the network for an entire building was shut down for more than 5 hours? We had to shift to another building to meet the deadline with CPU’s in tow. I had targeted 10 in the night to finish my work. But I lost more than 2 hours in the shifting process itself. So there does the deadline down the drain. I finished whatever I could. But then what happened is that the work is pending and there is even more work piled up.

And guess what; as usual I have very little help. My team member is leaving for the states, so he is busy with it. My onsite co-coordinator is going on a leave next week, so he refuses to share any work so that I know everything that is going on. Well people forget there is something called as knowledge transfer. The only other team member I have refuses to work giving excuses like ‘I cannot do this’, ‘I am not capable’ and ‘I am just a fresher’. Hello? I am really amazed by the fact that these people actually get paid for doing nothing at all.
I just feel like hitting something very hard or just shouting on the top of my voice to get the frustration out. Blogging is the next best option, so I thought that’s what I’ll do. Work can wait for a few minutes. And I did manage to comment on a couple of blogs today. That’s my breathing time.

But not everything is bad. The only ray of light I have now is the guy. Let’s call him J, shall we? Okay so he is like the sweetest guy. I mean really, smart, witty, understanding and well a lot more.
And he makes me laugh so much. We call each other everyday during work hours. And the distraction he provides me is priceless. It’s like an hour long walk on the beach or like exercising for an hour. I mean I am that refreshed. We’ll be meeting on 10th, if possible on 9th too. I cannot wait.

5 thoughts on “Not all complaints, I promise…

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  1. Just 3 days to go, or maybe even 2. Now look, you are going to make sure work doesn’t get in the way, aren’t you?
    I know work is hell (didn’t the Internet get chopped off in your corner of the world?), but just look what you’ve got to look forward to.
    Fingers are crossed and I’ll be sitting on the edge of my laptop, waiting to hear.


  2. absolutely Hover 🙂

    Bunnyyyyyy: only 1 day to go. He is coming tomm, i.e. Friday. And i am taking the rest of the day after lunch off. I asked them to give me the entire Monday off or half a day on Friday. They gave me Friday. I knew it would work 🙂


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