Happy new year!!!

Okay…people, time for New Year resolutions. I know I don’t stick to them but still it’s good to have a list. Instead of looking back on how 2007 was I might as well focus on the future. Not that the last year was bad.


Okay, so here goes the list.
1)Make more time to read books. On second thoughts I think I do, I read 1 book per week on an average, I guess that is enough.

2)I want to join a photography class. I am not sure if this will happen but I am being hopeful.

3)Not bite my nails anymore. Actually I have stopped doing this too. The thing is I had this ugly infection on my finger because I bit one of my nails and it was growing in the wrong direction, as in into the skin. The swelling lasted for almost 2 weeks. The doc said he’ll have to cut that part of the finger out, but I think he was simply trying to scare me. It worked, at least for the time being. I have to stick with it though.

4)Try to read and understand Shakespeare. I have this ‘Tales from Shakespeare’ book. It has all his plays in simple English. I have read most of the stories. I think I love ‘A midsummer’s nights dream’ a lot. So I go the book, the original one. It has all the explanations and notes and meanings of difficult words along with the actual text. Good for starters.
5)Practice Kathak in my free time. I am doing quite well whereas progress is concerned. But my teacher said the other day, ‘It shouldn’t be like a=a. If I teach you ‘a’, I should be able to see ‘a+b’ in you. I want your individuality to be reflected when you dance. I don’t want you to be my carbon copy’. That’s what I want to achieve, by practice.

6)Yoga: Yes, more for the health part. I was going to start last week itself but somehow I find it very boring and fear that I might sleep during it. But that’s no excuse. I must take care of my health.

7)Try and get transferred to Bangalore. Well I’ll be trying for deputation so that I can get extra cash but I don’t think that’s possible. I just need a change so desperately and Bangalore is the next best place after Pune.

8)Be more open to dating. I shy away from blind dates; they are an absolute no for me. But I think it would be nice to meet new guys, if nothing else I can at least make new friends.

So I hope I can follow through at least some of the points in the list. Else all is well.

Wish you all a very happy new year and a lovely 2008!!!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    A good list. 🙂

    A couple of things spring to mind:

    1. Shakespeare – I used to hate him, completely and with a passion. However, since I started taking a much more active interest in poetry I’ve realised that things like his sonnets are the work of genius. You really really must try and read them in their original form as they are a thing of beauty which gets lost in translation.

    2. Blind dates – I met my second wife on a blind date, at a rave. We were together, very happily, for 14 years. They do work.

    3. I had to look up Kathak to see what it is. Sounds like good exercise but a bit complicated.

    I hope you get that transfer. 🙂


  2. Ummm..well…blind dates are okay, but they are not for me….your luck was good 🙂

    I seriously hope I get the transfer. I am counting on it to stay sane…*sigh*

    All the best on your poetry book…


  3. Happy New Year to you too! I hope you have a terrific year!

    I was just reading my New Year’s post from 2007 and came across your comment there too.

    Hopefully your wishes will bring as much prosperity as it did last year 🙂


  4. Happy New Year Violet!!

    I especially applaud your Shakespeare resolution (of course). In fact, I took advantage of the holidays to watch/read quite a lot of Shakespeare this Christmas.

    There’s quite a good film version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which came out a few years ago. Maybe you can get hold of the DVD? Seeing a production is a great way to get to know a play…!


  5. Oh yeah…A, this year is going to be even more terrific for you, I can sense that already 🙂

    CM: Many people have advised me to get the DVD, but its not there in any of the closest DVD Library’s and I don’t want to buy it. I’ll keep on trying though.


  6. There’s also a very good audio version (and you know I like them!) I was listening to it over Christmas, funnily enough!


  7. the absolute best way to appreciate shakespeare is to watch shakespeare (as long as it is done by people who understand the text, of course!). After all, they are meant as plays first, texts second. Not to say the text isn’t incredibly fascinating reading, nor that simplified versions aren’t a good way to understand the story if the language gets in the way (and let’s face it, for many, it does) because they are, but seeing the plays live or even on video you see many more dimensions. Hamlet is my favourite, but I also really love Richard III.
    Happy New Year!


  8. Talking of photography, just in case it’s of interest I found a 365 days photography project based primarily in Bangalore although funnily enough one of his posts is about friends who visited from Pune.
    Although he hasn’t updated recently, some interesting views of life in the city.


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