Lets talk about books: Best of 2007, read by me ofcourse…

I have somehow managed to read some really good books this year, good being an understatement.

I don’t have to think what book tops the list.
Lets start with 2 of the best.
Kite runner and
A thousand splendid suns, both by Khaled Hosseini.

Kite runner

kite_runner.jpgI know most of you have read this one or at least read about it. I had seen this book on the best sellers list for quite a long time. But I shy away from best sellers, I don’t seem to like so many of them,specially by Indian authors, books by Salman Rushdie or by Vikram Seth.
But one day I just picked it up, I don’t even know why. And I loved it. I cried almost throughout the entire book.
For starters its about the friendship between 2 boys and how circumstances change their relationship and how they love each other in spite of everything. Its about betrayal, love and overall redemption.

Its been made into a movie. I don’t know about elsewhere, but it hasn’t released in India yet. Watch the trailer here.

A thousand splendid suns

a_thousand.jpgThe day I finished The Kite Runner I bought this book. I wanted to see if the author could write an equally moving and wonderful book again. Sorry, I am short of adjectives here. This book is as different as it gets from Kite Runner, but again the ease and sensitivity with which the author writes about relationships during war torn Afghanistan is commendable. Hell, I have never read a book as sensitive as this one written by a guy. He seems to understand the emotions and problems women go through so well. During the first half I kept on thinking,’No Kite runner is much better than this.’ But then as the book progressed I felt that the 2 books should not be compared, it is not fair. Obviously I cried during this one too. Looks like I am done with my share of crying this year.
The most touching is the end. It is sooooo sad and hopeful at the same time. I love when Laila decides to name her unborn son Aman, as in piece. So apt.

I am so looking forward to reading his next.

A Long way gone – Ishmael Beah

a_long_way_gone.jpgbeah.jpgIt is a Child Soldiers memoir in the Sierra Leone war. Hearing about it in the news and reading the memoir are 2 different things altogether. I was shocked by whatever I read and I don’t think I will be this shocked for a long time to come. Sad, horrifying and unbelievable.

“My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector, and my rule was to kill or be killed. The extent of my thoughts didn’t go much beyond that.

The Wizard of OZ:

wizard_of_oz.jpgI know I should have read it long long long time ago. But I never read when I was young. So I am making up for it now.
I think these are the book children today should read, instead of Harry Potter. Don’t misunderstand, I love Harry Potter, but somehow I don’t think they are for children. I feel we are exposing them to darker things apart from those mindless action cartoons. I am not going to buy my children a single Harry Potter book unless they are in 10th grade or something. Let them sneak around, hide from me and read. But they are not going to get it from me, that is for sure.

Twilight: Stephenie Meyer

twilight1.jpgWell this is a romantic novel. If you like reading romantic books, this one is very good. It’s a teenage love story between a 17 year old girl and a Vampire. Its different. Well it has sequels too. The first book is complete in itself but then the author seems to have cached on the popularity. The second book is called New Moon. I believe she is writing the fourth in the series. Also, there is a movie being released based on Twilight which will be released in 2008.

I guess I loved it more because somewhere I found it too close to reality, of the things I had experienced a long time ago. Most of us would be able to relate it to our first love or crush or romance. I was disturbed by it for almost a whole week because it was too close to the truth, except the vampire part of course.

Well I could really go on and on. But before I stop I believe I have to mention these books too.

Water for Elephants:

water_for_elephants.jpghalf_a_y.jpgIt is based on a Circus during the world war. A time when circuses used to travel by trains.

Half a yellow sun: Based during the time of the formation and the dissolution of Biafra. A novel written during the Nigerian Civil War.

Some authors I have discovered- Jodi Picoult, Torey Hayden and Terry MacMillan

Bridges of the Madison County:

bridges_of.jpgI hated this book. I know I started with the best books I have read, but I just couldn’t help myself. This one is so bad.I think most of you must have read this by now, but those who haven’t, please don’t. I guess the movie will be much better, at least you wouldn’t have to undergo the torture of his language. The only saving grace is the story.
Let me give you an example.
‘His eyes looked directly at her, and she felt something jump inside…………….Ways that rearrange the molecular space between male and female, regardless of species.’ Yuck….

What books have you read this year that you think are the best and the worst?

11 thoughts on “Lets talk about books: Best of 2007, read by me ofcourse…

Add yours

  1. There’s a literary critic in you, Violet.
    I should try Hosseini too. Actually, I just picked up one called Minaret by Leila Aboulela, although haven’t started it yet. Promises to be interesting.
    Odd that you mention The Wizard of Oz, I’d never even thought about reading that, but of course I should and now I will, thanks for the reminder.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. Some great books there. You would of thought with me being pregnant that i would of got through a few books in these 9 months but no. I just havent had a chance.
    Happy Christmas chick. Hope you have a great one. xx


  3. Oh…yes bunny, you must try Hosseini. But I’ll warn you his books are amazingly sad and heartbreaking. I know of friends who have left the book midway because it was very sad.
    Minaret looks good. I’ll see if I can get it here.

    Well, you read Harry Potter right?
    Merry Christmas and I know your new year is going to be more than beautiful with the bub on the way 🙂


  4. Yeah it’s good Pete.
    Specially the part where kids read Shakespeare in the village square and take pride in it. You’ll never have known how far his reach is…


  5. hehe! Good blog!
    Mrs Concertmaster got ‘Kite Runner’ for Christmas… I’m looking forward to reading it when she’s finished!


  6. You absolutely made my day!!!
    I HATE “Bridges of Madison County” and until reading this I have never met anyone else, man nor woman, teen nor adult who didn’t just love the gaggy little goppy thing.
    If I were to write a critique of it, I believe I could only get as far as “Urg!” and I’d have exhausted everything I had to say about it. I can’t even say anything nice about the story. It just seemed to pat to me, too predictably overwrought.
    (I’m actually shuddering as I write this.)
    I hope you have a whole year of wonderful reads ahead of you. The book I’ve read in the past couple of years that was the biggest surprise to me is “A Farewell to Arms”. A blogger on 20six and I took reading it on at the same time, thinking we needed some support for such a serious endeavor. Well, I don’t know if he ever finished it, but I absolutely loved it. I did have some helpful study notes to point out the subtle points I would have completely missed, but even without them, the writing is powerful and the story unusual. “Wizard of Oz” was another one read in tandem with another blog-friend, as was “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I agree with you–they are such a pleasure to read.


  7. CM: Thats great. I dont know anyone who hasn’t liked Kite Runner. Hope you enjoy it too…

    I am glad. If you want to read bad reviews, read the ones on Amazon, as bad as they can get 😉

    I have heard about the book “A Farewell to Arms”, but i haven’t read it yet. With such a great feedback from you i might as well read it.


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