Roaming in the Web…not my Words !!!

Lately I have a lot of time in office as I have next to no work. I don’t believe in upgrading my technical skills in my free time. So what do I do? Surf obviously.

Some amazing links I thought I should share. Do give these sites some time.

Godchecker : It has a list of all the gods available. It also has a top ten. Really. And then you can also vote for your favorite God. How nice. You can even “God Shop”. Go figure.

Digital Inspiration: Check this out. Some of the posts are amazing. The guy tells you stuff like how to read pdf files without an acrobat reader, tips to avoid last minute surprises in power point presentations and so on and so forth…. Its cool.

Shelfari(Books): I have mentioned this site before, but I think it deserves another. Though they have messed up the layout a bit with their new shiny upgrade, I still think it is a great site.
As as aside, something I read on some guy’s profile on Shelfari. It cracked me up. Sorry I am not giving away his name or the link. Maybe, if somehow he drops by this site and he wants me to give him the credit, I will.
[I am a cool responding guy,interested in making friends,surfing,biking and programming.I love roaming in the web which is my dreamshore searching for some pebbles !..ya pebbles of dreamshore!
Me trying to describe myself would end up nowhere,nd u would be Alice in Wonderland!I was trying all these 23+ yrs trying to understand me and the life around me,all I learnt is I need to know more about me and about life,I learned tat it goes on..Had almost smooth ride through the valley of life in the shades of truth searching for joy and I really enjoyed it.
Now trying to find out the hidden shadows that do come in daylight,more symbolic I fear,am I?take it light,fond of symbolic practicality.

At times i fear,someone is boring me and I found out with ease that its none other than me.
In love life,I dont decide on personal and sensitive matters abruptly.I take commitments in love affairs very seriously

All great quotes
: it’s just fantastic. Go check it out.

Games, yay!!!
: It has some lovely flash games. Good when you are stuck with boring or no work. They are nice and simple.

Swimsuits…ooooh: I don’t know about anyone else but I found this hilarious.
It is basically a swimsuit site for women who cannot wear anything other than a burqa outside. What if you have to go to a beach? Or go for a swim? What do you wear? You wear a burqini of course. Look at the site for details.

99rooms: Trust me this site is absolutely amazing. As the site says it is an art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound. Click on “Enter the 99 rooms online” and enjoy.

Check these artists out.

Iranian artist : Iman Maleki

Wildlife artist: Daniel Smith
So much talent.
Their paintings are so real you can almost see them move.
Some of favorites:

Iman maleki Iman MalekiDaniel SmithDaniel SmithDaniel Smith

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  1. I love some of these… especially the games and the Maleki.

    Looking forward to checking ’99 rooms’ out properly when I have some sound!


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