Not pleasant, read it at your own risk.

I hate people who think they are the only ones sitting in a company bus. This girl on a seat behind mine was playing Enrique’s ’Be with me’ remix. Also there was this stupid Radio Mirchi playing in the bus where RJ’s talk far more than they play songs. I asked her to please put on her earphones. She stared at me blankly for 5 whole secs and said she doesn’t have any earphones; and she refused to stop playing the song too. I mean how bad can it get? That gave me a headache for an entire hour in the morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the most irritating, obnoxious, rudest and meanest people of all in Pune city. And this is from my years and years (ahem) of experience.
Please applaud for the Rickshaw wala’s of Pune. They are the ones who think they own the city. They refuse to start the meter, they refuse to show you the charge card and they argue with you on the top of their voices.
I went to this really really really really crowded Laxmi Road yesterday evening. As I was about to park my bike, this rickshaw coming from the opposite side blocked my way so that I couldn’t turn my bike to park. Although he was coming from the wrong side of the road I politely asked him to back off his rickshaw a little so that I could park my bike. He flatly refused. He started shouting and arguing in a loud voice. We held up the traffic for at least 5 mins. Finally someone broke it off, chided the guy and some how arranged for me to park my bike. The guy mouthed some bad word, which I couldn’t quite make out, before leaving. I showed him my middle finger much to the amusement of a very elderly gentleman standing on the footpath. He was sweet enough not to give me any hard looks. You know the ones elderly people give that says, ’oh my god, today’s generation.’

I am so fed up with the weather. It is very very very cold (by Pune standards) in the morning and the evening, but it is very very hot in the afternoon. This drastic weather change is taking a toll on my health.

I just realized my manager is very selfish in his own quite little way, the kind which harms others.
Last week I had to go to the office at 10 in the night and my manager arranged a cab for me. But after a recent cab incident, where a girl was raped and killed by the cab driver, obviously I said I need a security guard with me. That’s the protocol anyway, I need not ask for it. But he refused. He said nothing will happen and he’ll take responsibility if anything does happen. What do I do with your fucking responsibility asshole if something happens to me?

Obviously I was in a bad mood when I wrote this. I am okay now, I think.

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  1. I know that. But then if I don’t trust anybody I wont be able to get out of the house. I just want to be sure that I have used all the options available. After that if anything happens it is just going to be my bad luck.


  2. Hey girl, take it easy. I completely understand where you are coming from (growing up with more sisters than brothers..).

    The obnoxious dame in the bus is irritating enough, but the richshaw walas take the cake.. The bloody buggers are the WORST of the lot in pune.. I wish I could burn them all in one sitting. I have spent a year and a half traveling solely by rickshaw to and from work, and I know how f#@$^ up they can be.. not to mention such cheats. The day I stopped using them was the day I told one, “Main tumhein bheek dene se zyada chalke jana passand karunga”. You should have seen the look on his face, since he thought he was the master and commander of the pune travel zones. 😀

    As for the manager, flip him the bird man.. bloody bugger. How can he make such a claim to take responsibility? Uski izzat thodi na lut rahi hai, nahi uski jaan jaa rahi hai… Usko bol, with a dead pan look, “ghar mein maa bahen nahin hai kya?”. I think he’ll get the point.

    Sorry for the strong comment/raam kahani.. but I completely agree with your point of view in this one case. (probably also because I’m trying to understand more about the female species for *ahem ahem* obvious reasons). 🙂


  3. I think you need to take a chill pill now.

    I think you will be a very good and successful bollywood script writer with all those dialogues of yours. Seriously 🙂

    I guess your weekend meeting seems to be progressing very nicely (Let me know if you need some tips, not that I think you will 🙂 )


  4. It seems to me that Taxi Drivers are the same the world over, whether it’s the big black cabs in London, the Yellow Taxi’s of New York, or the Rickshaw’s in Pune!

    All of them are arrogant, think they exclusively own the road, and so forth.

    And bugger what your boss thinks, just make sure you stay safe!!


  5. I would make a good pseudo script writer.. i seem to have dialogues for all occasions 🙂

    I don’t think I need tips.. I did get this far on my own right?

    Take it easy.. I think I was hyper when I wrote that comment, thanks to my really bad cold (I hate colds).


  6. Well you certainly told her.. and him…! 😉
    And sounds like you might be telling him, too! 🙂

    Not good though. There does seem to be a Universal law of taxi drivers… They own the roads and everyone else needs to get used to it. Not good.

    And I say ‘boo’ to the boss. Not good either.


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