What do you prefer?

How many of you own an electronic book reader or have at least tried using one?
How comfortable are you using it? Do you prefer holding an electronic thing instead of a real book?
They say it represents the future of reading. They say it will do for books what iPod did for music.
But you don’t hold music right? You can store it anywhere and still get the same happiness and all from it.

In a way I think it is good where as storing books is considered. It will save space and may be money as well. As it is my bookshelf is so stuffed with books there is hardly any space left. I have to literally stuff them in.
But I am sure how happy I will be if I buy one. I guess the newness will wear off easily. And also I won’t browse the bookstores for hours like I do now.  That won’t be very nice huh?

I googled and found the book reader which I think I like best. It’s from Sony.


Ditto for Audio E-books. I downloaded a sample of Emma by Jane Austin and didn’t like it one bit. First of all I am very restless. If I am not holding a book in my hand, there are bound to be many things that will distract me. I had to listen to the first chapter thrice to get it right. May be I am not used to them or maybe they are not meant for me.

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  1. Yeah I tried using one which belonged to a friend… I couldn’t get on with it, but then again it’s going to take a while to get used to after years and years of reading books, right?

    My friend said once you get used to it, you don’t really notice the difference.

    I think it will be like the iPod in that it won’t replace books (any more than the iPod has replaced CD’s) but we’ll use it alongside books. We’ll still want our favourite books on the shelf but maybe download those ones we know we’ll probably only read once…

    Audio books however… I love them! But yeah, I listen to them when I’m driving so it’s a good use of the time. I don’t think I’d sit at home and listen to them – I’d get distracted by other stuff, too! But they’re great at bedtime though – it’s great being read to sleep! But then you can use the radio for that…


  2. Thanks for the Article. It IS very well written. He has highlighted both the pros and the cons very well. I think book reader is most useful while traveling. As he puts it, one doesn’t need to carry a lot of books.

    About audio books I don’t think I will ever get into them. Before sleeping I love to curl with a book and let the words fade as I close my eyes. Lets see, I might give it another try.


  3. hehe!

    Also, I should have said that audiobooks are a brilliant way of getting into Shakespeare! They really bring it alive. Obviously, being plays, they’re bit different from a regular audiobook because you have different actors playing the different voices, etc so that really plays to the strength of the audiobook format.


  4. I’m not really sure about eBooks, I’ve never tried, but I once did try to read a book on the computer and I couldn’t, it was too tiring, and I always want to have the tactile experience of a book. I kind of dread them, to be honest, while I can see they’re a really good idea, the old school person in me screams “No!” very loudly while hugging my bookshelf.

    If you do get one, I’ll be really interested to hear about the experience.


  5. I need pages to turn when I read. I like to flick back and forth sometimes. Reading a book isn’t a linear exercise which is why I’ve never really liked audio books. I do read ebooks on my PC though so I might go for an ebook reader. I’d still prefer the feel of a book in my hands though.


  6. CM: I don’t understand Shakespeare, and believe me that is my biggest regret 😦

    Pete: E-books on comp are baaad. As you said very tiring. But one can read them at work and people might think you are reading an important document instead of a novel 😉

    Hover: The feel of a book in your hands is something else. Thats why I think they are never going to go out of fashion.


  7. You should give Shakespeare on audiobook a whirl! Allow me to enthuse for a second…!

    The problem is we are always made to READ Shakespeare in school, etc, which always puts everyone off… because it was written to be HEARD, and when we hear it we understand it much better (both the plot and the beauty of the language) so this might be the way in for you!

    If you do want to give it a go, these versions are excellent (and downloadable!):-


    I have most of these and they’re excellent. Their versions of ‘Othello’ and ‘Romeo & Juliet’ are especially so…


  8. Thanks CM: I just downloaded a 1 min sample from Romeo and Juliet and it is just music and the guy saying ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare. couldn’t make out much from it 🙂
    But yes i will give it another try.

    Pete: You have no hope left. Now you cannot take advantage of the only thing that is good in an e-book 🙂


  9. hehe! Well that wasn’t a good sample but it does get better from there!! Let me know what you think of the rest of it!


  10. Rebecca: ummm..I think she likes the smell of roses better.
    Thanks, I haven’t seen it used anywhere on wordpress before, at least on blogs I have seen.

    CM: Yes, I’ll certainly let you know.


  11. I’ve never tried or even considered using one!. It’ll probably send my eyes funny unless it was actually the size of a book.
    I don’t read much fiction anyway, I keep saying I will…lol


  12. I was very hesitant to pay 390 dollars (including cover) for the Amazon Kindle 2. As soon as I ripped open the package, pulled out the device, and turned it on, I was hesitant no more. (First of all I am glad all new devices these days come with a charged battery), I had already purchased a book the day I ordered my kindle, as well as purchasing (for 0 dollars, ie. free) about 30 public domain (out of copyright) books for the Kindle through Amazon. I am very glad that Amazon does not include a servicewhispernet fee for these free, but good reads that I have now been able to catch up on.

    I’ve only had to contact customer support once (via email), I accidentally purchased a book (a Harlequin romance novel at that) and I was instantly refunded the charge, excellent customer service. I actually bought this device a lot for the Web Browser. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, my local newspaper, all available, usually in 3G access, even on the beach where I go to school in Southern Maine.

    One thing I absolutely recommended subscribing to is the The New York Times – Latest News, only 1.99 a month, and it updates about 2-3 times a day on your kindle (with 10 or so stories, usually with Images). Perfect for when I go to the dining hall to have breakfast, I just pull out the Kindle, weighs less than pound so I can stand in line with my plate waiting for my daily eggs, and at the same time I have the news from all over the world.

    Best purchase I have ever made.


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