A Sleepy update

How long can a human being work, or let’s say a normal human being work. I have seen and heard people in IT working for 48 hours nonstop. All it takes is lots of coffee and lots of cigarettes. But I don’t smoke and I usually don’t like to have more than 3 coffees a day (there are exceptions of course). CM – you are not supposed to tell anyone.

So the point here is – I came to the office at 9.00 am. I work and work and work because I have to leave at 6.00 pm. But at 3.00 pm I come to know that not only I have to work the entire day but I have to work the entire night too. My manager, the sweet guy that he is asked me to go home at 5.00 and come back again at 10.00 in the night.

So here I am. It is 1.00 am and there is not a soul in sight. No body on my floor works 2nd shifts. I literally have no work. I am waiting for some stupid issue to arise so that I can resolve it. Mind it, it might never happen. So I will wait till morning, may be 8 or 9 and then come back again at 1.00 in the afternoon for that day’s night shift. May be I should call it an afternoon-cum-night shift. Are you confused?

Why do you have to read all this? Well because I have to vent it out to somebody. And also I need something to do before the imaginary issues come up.

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  1. Yup. I’m confused! Especially with time differences!
    Hope you’re OK.
    Do they give you some time off to catch up on sleep?!


  2. um….no not this time. it’s 2.30 in the night now.
    I’ll leave at 6, maybe. then I’ll be bcak by 1 in the afternoon.
    Or I may not come at all. I hope it is the later.


  3. i sure hope it works out in your favour. if it’s any solace i share this night of excruciating boredom with you. i left rajasthan at 1AM n just got to delhi at 5. now hatching eggs at the delhi airport waiting to get to pune by noon. and them back to work at 1. coincidence
    ? i think not. our stars are in alignment, and before they change position, you know what i have to ask don’t you… ‘will you marry me?’ (with a puppy dog look). what say CM?


  4. Okay, you were stoned 🙂
    Can I side track the ‘Will you marry me question’? But now that you are in probably in your senses I am sure you are regretting it.

    There is no coffee story. We were just chatting at the wrong time of the day…err night. Right CM?


  5. I wasn’t stoned.. it just seemed like the right question to ask when stars are aligned, etc etc.. it was a joke though, so you could have still answered it 😦 *sniff sniff* (still got the puppy dog look going). 🙂


  6. Zat was begoz… It was the fastest way back.. and I was in a small town called Bayana.. and there was no airport in sight there.. so had to go to Delhi and fly back 🙂


  7. Haha hi CM.. surely! You’re my wingman.. how could I not? Both of you should send me your chat or email ids so that I can communicate developments.. and the way things go out here.. there should be many coming very soon 🙂


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