Diwali Updates: umm no, Holiday updates…

I have managed to stay busy for the past 5-6 days doing nothing. Well as it was Diwali last week, so I decided to take 3 days off and Friday was a holiday. So that makes it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday doing nothing great.
Are you interested in knowing how I spent my holiday? I’ll tell you anyway.

Tuesday: I have mentioned I joined Kathak before, right? Well, so I have got my first ghungroos…yay. Apparently the dance teacher doesn’t give them to you unless your footwork is perfect. So having got them within 1 month has made me absolutely ecstatic.
I collected these


And visited Crossword on the way. I bought ‘Half a Yellow sun’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I am half way through it and so far it is amazing.

Wednesday: I saw Nancy drew with my sister. I quite liked the movie. Very entertaining. And having read so many Nancy Drew’s growing up I kind of enjoyed watching it on screen too.


Thursday: Shopping

Friday: Some more shopping. Diwali celebrations (see pics below) with lots of sweets and lots of firecrackers. I managed to burn my finger a little because of my carelessness but it is okay now. Nothing major.

diyas.jpg lit_diyas.jpgrangoli1.jpg


Saturday: Met a friend who had come down from Bangalore. Met another friend’s mom. The friend is in US right now and her mom feels very lonely without her. So we kind of went to cheer her up for Diwali.

Sunday: Went for shopping. Okay before you say “again”, I didn’t actually go to shop. We just went to see a new mall. I didn’t buy anything.
Later we went to Landmark (bookstore). I bought the following books.

My sister’s keeper: Jodi Picoult
Great expectations: Charles dickens
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Mark Twain.
While I was gone: Sue Miller
The scarlet letter

So basically all I have done or looks like I have done is buy, buy and buy.

And yes, I also applied henna on my hands, just because I wanted to. Here are the pictures. I know you are not interested but I’ll put them up just in case you change your mind.


6 thoughts on “Diwali Updates: umm no, Holiday updates…

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  1. You know what I’m going to say now don’t you.. “those are some nice ass hands, woman!” (it may sound stupid, but trying hearing it as if bernie mac or samuel l jackson is saying it and you may catch my drift :D)

    I’m guessing you had a blast on diwali.. i had fun too.. just got back into pune from a long winding flight… 😦


  2. Hey this sounds great! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely few days!

    Henna is beautiful! How long does it stay on you hands?!


  3. Hehe thanks Hemanshu. I appreciate the compliment.
    Happy Diwali, though belated.

    CM: Henna generally stays for 1 week. after that it starts fading and trust me it looks bad, like a disease or something 🙂
    Thats when i will start scrubbing it so that it goes off early.


  4. Symbolize? umm..no. They could, but not on my hands. It is just very random. anything that comes to the mind.
    There are different styles though. There is Arabic and there is traditional. I don’t know about the erst.


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