Routine stuff…

There is absolutely nothing new happening in my life or I fail to see it. There is has nothing new other than Kathak classes but even that is slipping in with the regular routine, though its fun.
Still, let me give it a try.

My birthday is being celebrated in the company today; we did have a small team celebration on the actual day. It’s almost 1 month past.
Today we will be celebrating the birthdays of this month together.

All I am doing is watching movies and shopping.

I am reading ‘The Road- by Cormac McCarthy’s’ right now. I have just started, so don’t ask me anything about it.

I just finished ‘Abduction’ by Robin Cook. I’ll tell you what, it is weird. I know it is science fiction and all, still it is weird.
Mr. Cook seems to have done a lot of research on it. It has got me interested in something called ‘Mohorovicic discontinuity’ and ‘Scientific drillings’.

I don’t think people understand the meaning of “Challenging work”. There is this guy who is allocated to my project because he wanted something stimulating and challenging to work on. But now you should see him crib. The moment you give him a new requirement he’ll start with,’ oh, this cannot be done, it is just not possible.’
How do you work with such people? Moreover he refuses to ask for help. And I end up reviewing and correcting his work.

My sister has decided she does not love the guy enough to go through all the trouble. In fact she thinks she does not love him at all. I am not going to take the effort to elaborate this.

If you like reading, I think you will like this Shelfari site. It helps you interact with other readers and also keep track of your books. The look and feel is also very nice. Give it a try.

I read Judith Regan was fired form HarperCollins because she wanted to publish the controversial OJ Simpson’s “What If” book. I am sorry but I fail to get the hype or the issue here. The book has only become more popular because it has featured on Larry King and Oprah.

It’s getting colder everyday. I find it very difficult to wake up in the morning. And I am always hungry. Is it because of winter?

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  1. Well, that’s quite a lot going on! 🙂
    Happy birthday (belated!)
    Those books sound interesting…
    The guy in work sounds like a nightmare!
    Sorry to hear about your sister, I was wondering how that was going.
    No, I don’t get the OJ thing either… although I don’t know much about it. What’s it all about?


  2. cM: I don’t know the exact details, but I think he killed his ex-wife and her husband and he has described all about it in the book. The best part is the ex-wife’s family has the book rights. They don’t want the guy to earn anything on her expense.


  3. Ah right. OK that makes sense of the frenzy then!
    btw – I think the ‘tired in th morning’ is definitely a winter thing…!


  4. Winter hitting Pune already? Man I better come back prepared the week after Diwali.. 🙂

    I like winter.. it’s definitely better than summer! 😀 (My theory of why is because you can always put on more clothes in winter, but can’t ever take off enough in summer *cheeky grin*).

    All said and done, hope you had a great birthday and that you realised that you turned a year older 😛


  5. SF is admittedly kinda cold this time around.. but not usually. So what do you want from here? I was thinking I’d be getting all my friends books.. so is a book okay with you? 🙂


  6. Hey don’t worry about getting anything for me. I was just kidding.
    My friend asked me the same thing,’ what should I get for you?’
    I said anything that you don’t get here. She said nothing. So that says it all. Enjoy site seeing; I suggest don’t bother buying things which you already get here.


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