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When I was 16, some guy from the repair company broke my trophy accidentally. That was years back but I am still pissed off with him.
You may ask why? Well, because it was the one and only trophy I received for singing. And I know I won’t ever get anything for my singing again.

This one is going to overlap with Pete. Guess, too many people have the weird habit of loving their books too much. I actually cover them with transparent paper. I know it IS a bit weird. One of my friends thought I had borrowed the book from some library. I like to scribble my name on every book of mine, and yes I don’t forget to put the date too.

Apart from Mugs, there is one thing I really like to gift. Scrapbooks or collages. Mugs are for good friends. Scrapbooks are for best or closest friends.
It is a lot of work, but the joy that you get to see on your friends face is priceless.

I used to really dislike writing in school. For any English composition or an assignment, I used to copy paste para’s or sentences form different books and magazines. I really had the knack to mix things up without anyone noticing that hardly 4-5 sentences are my own. Now it’s a different story though.

Horror flicks really scare me. As in I love to watch them, I even enjoy them. But I cannot watch them alone. I pretend to be brave and not very frightened, but inside I am trembling. On Sunday I saw ‘Grudge 2’. Believe me,it is a very scary movie, specially when you watch it in a theatre. I swear I felt for the entire Sunday night and Monday morning that the ghost is going to re-appear anytime. As an aside, do watch it if you get time.

I still read Mill’s and Boon and Sweet Valley Univ books sometimes. No further explanation will be provided.

I somehow don’t like award winning or books that are too famous.
Let me give you examples
The Prince
Midnight’s children
God of small things

There are exceptions, of course.

I don’t like the current layout of my blog anymore.

8 people I tag?
Sorry I don’t have 8 people, do it if you feel like.

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  1. I write my name and the date inside my books. I used to cover all my music scores (I’m a bit more precious about them than books!) but I have too many now!

    Scrapbooks are great!

    I think we all need to hear the story of winning the singing trophy! 😉


  2. Hehe! No I wasn’t surprised, I just think it sounds like a story worth telling! 🙂

    …I realised that I should have expanded on my nerdy book/score habits… I record (inside the cover of each score) all the precise details of every performance I have given of that piece… venue, date, orchestra, soloist. When I’ve done a piece a few times it brings back a lot of (hopefully happy) memories each time I come back to it and look down the list!


  3. That is the exact reason why I write down the dates to. Probably I should even write down the bookstore name 🙂
    May be you should post about those memories sometimes.


  4. Oh, well done on the singing award anyway, at least you know you got it!

    I’m raising an eyebrow at sweet valley univ. books, but not asking lest you happen to know of my love for “The little engine that could”


  5. I too love to give and get (hint) mugs as gifts.

    I almost saw Grudge 2 on Sunday, but ended up seeing Partner because some other dude in the group had weak nerves. Don’t even think about watching it!!


  6. Haha, okay Pete, we’ll mutually decide not to discuss that part.

    Hemanshu: I went to see Die Hard, but couldn’t get the tickets. I was thinking about Partner too, but somehow I think Salman is very irritating.
    Had to watch Grudge. No regrets. It is actually a good movie, do watch it.


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