I did a mean mean mean thing the other day. I have to get it out. There is this guy in my company. He is a very senior manager, stayed in US for 10 years, has just come back to India, I have no clue why. He has this very irritating habit of always mocking everything Indian. Look at the roads here. Look at the connectivity here. Look at the weather here. Uff. He really tests my patience. Why don’t you stay the hell in the US if you like it so much? Even we crib about the roads and the pollution and stuff, but we don’t mock and that’s exactly what it does.
But still, it does not give me the excuse to do what I did.
He has a blog and everyone in our unit knows the link. So one fine day I read his latest post which was full of criticism and mockery for the traffic and Pollution. I was really pissed off. So guess what? I wrote him a comment. AN ANNONYMOUS ONE.

It wasn’t actually that bad, my comment that is, it said that whatever he wrote was mockery and it is really not appreciated here. Though I wrote it in a very descent way, I swear. But it might have hurt him. It is his blog and he has the right to say whatever he wants to. If I wanted to comment I should have commented with my name. But0 the fact that I didn’t proves that I had something to write which could not be written by mentioning my name. Get the point? It was bad thing to do. I have never hurt anyone deliberately. Until now. And i feel bad about it.

Enough. Can we change the topic?

I have got a new cell, Nokia N70 (The Music Edition), the main reason being i wanted camera and radio. Sometimes when i see something nice or unusual, i wish i could capture it, because not everything stays with you. So from now on please tolerate some random, good for nothing pictures here. Just because i see something in them doesn’t mean that you should too.

I am actually thinking of doing a distant learning MBA from one of the major management institute in my city. I already have a Post Graduate degree, but it is in computers. I dont want to stay in the Software field for long. There is too much pressure and long hours. But then i’ll have to study again for almost 2 years and i have lost touch. I am still thinking, but most probably i’ll go for it. It is a big decision for me, i am really confused.

One of my friends has to go through a painful procedure of ‘Traction’ wherein Iron loads are tied to your head to stretch your spinal cord. It’s really scary. And all this because she is in software and has to stick to her chair from morning to evening. Maybe her posture is wrong. But i have starting taking care. The moment i feel my neck or my back is straining, i go for a short walk. Please those who have a similar job which confines you to a chair, take care before it is too late.

The other day, when we came out of the cafeteria after lunch at around 2.00 in the afternoon, sunny, hot, blazing afternoon, we saw 2 people looking up at the sky and going all click-click with their cameras. First we thought they were crazy, but when we looked up, we saw a nice rainbow circling the sun. We took a picture from my friends cell. I am putting it up here. Though the colors of the rainbow are not visible, it still makes a very pretty picture.

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  1. Don’t worry about your comment! Freedom of speech applies to everyone, posting or commenting I think. It maight make him see sense, you never know.

    Good choice in phone, I’ve got Nokia N73 Music Edition (red one), and I love it, very similar to N70. Remember there are loads of free games and things like that on the internet. Look forward to seeing those random pics 🙂

    A rainbow circling the sun?! Never heard of such a thing, we just have normal rainbows here, sounds bautiful.


  2. The Internet is one of those rare places that supports free speech and if his blog is open to anonymous comments, he’s up for that too. You’re perfectly within your rights to express a view, especially if he’s being contentious. I’d expect no less on LS.
    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with commenting anonymously and expressing an opinion. These days you have to consider very carefully before giving your Internet identity up to work colleagues. Doesn’t limit your ability to express a point of view though.

    The MBA would be a tough challenge but it sounds like a really great idea. Loads of hard work, but better options for the future.
    But, but, but, but … does it mean you’d run out of time to blog? Maybe you could post a photo now and then using your new cell? Just to let us know you’re alive?

    Love the photo – could be a corona, light diffracted through tiny droplets of water in the high atmosphere. Atmosphere Optics is a good place to find out more about this stuff.


  3. Oh..Nik, I wanted Nokia 73, but it was out of stock, but yes, 70 isn’t bad either, but I think it is a little slow.

    Umm.. bunny, I dont blog on weekends, so I don’t think doing an MBA would not have a very big impact, hopefully. And anywayz I don’t need to study much, never had, I am not the slogging kind.

    And yes, thanks for the link, I now know that the rainbow is called 22 degrees halo 🙂


  4. Hey, nice phone! Very cool.

    As for the comment thing – most bloggers post under some kind of anonymity, so they should expect anonymous comments – especially if they’re saying not very nice things in their blogs…! That’s what I think anyway!


  5. Lovely picture you 🙂

    A very trick new cell too, my my aren’t we goin all posh and trendy all of a sudden 😀

    And no worry about the anon commenting thing, tis what blogging is all about really, “opening up your personal thoughts to mass scrutiny”.

    Shows you for the good person you’re however, that you are worrying about it speaks volumes!! just remember you’re entitled to your opinions of his opinions, and are aloud to express them too!!


    MBA sounds good for the future but a headache for right now!!!
    But mehh, duny listen to my advice lol, I never have been good at prpairing my way, and working at “something”, lol!!

    Stay you 🙂

    Hyper xxxxxx


  6. Hey fab, its nice and cool…it has 2 megapixcel camera, it has got amazing sound quality. The only problem is that it is a tad slow, but then I do have too much data in it; say around 150 songs and some softwares, maybe that’s whats making it slow.


  7. What options do you have for specialising in? I didn’t realise MBA’s come in different flavours…!


  8. Well I have 3-4 option.
    systems : the same boring computer stuff( I don’t want to get into it)
    Human resources and marketing and operations.
    Then there is finance, I absolutely hate it.


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