The monsoons: A snapshot…

I could hear the sound of thunder inside the office building as I was getting ready to go home. I just prayed it won’t rain as I walked towards the bus which is parked 5 mins away from my office building. I could smell the rain as I stepped out. I could see people rushing to get to their respective buses as fast as possible to escape the possible downpour. But you never know with rains here. It thunders, drizzles and then stops. Sometimes just out of the blue it rains more than one can predict. But this is usually when it is off-season or just before the monsoons. So I can’t say the monsoon is here. It might not rain at all for the next 2-3 days.

Summer is almost over, the monsoon should have been here by now, but seems like it is delayed, something to do with winds not blowing from south India. Whatever. When it is summer, it is so HOT, you can hardly venture out of the house without burning your skin, literally, summer in my city, Pune, is scorching unlike Mumbai where it is sticky and humid.

Rains remind me of ducky boots; of childhood rain coats, of purposely coming home drenched and saying I couldn’t help it, of one of those days when you say “Oh, mom, it was not ready to stop”. It reminds me of romantic walks, of hot tea and mom’s snacks. Of wet, clinging saris, folded jeans, colorful umbrellas, puddles, of long drives, of trekking on the mountains and near by hill stations, flashes of lightening, sounds of thunder and of rains clattering on rooftops and concrete.

But now as I sit and write this, the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of monsoon is Sinhagad, a fort situated on a small hill. One has to trek to go to the top. My college days were filled with so many of these treks. Moving out of the house at 7.00 in the morning and returning when night falls, sometimes by train, sometimes by bikes. Those were the days, no tension, and no work.
The memories are filled with mist, fog and waterfalls at every corner. Though I’m still excited to visit places, it isn’t the same carefree excitement.

Sinhagad from various angles

(The pic shows sinhagad from various spots, can’t help but marvel at the play of colors)

India has always been a very colorful country, but the colors become so prominent in the monsoon. One can see school kids in various colored rain gears, colored umbrellas. It fills color into a drab of a rainy day. Monsoons are also filled with sounds of motorists cursing on the sudden discovery of a puddle while driving, the promises of better roads next monsoon, and promises of better flood prevention systems.

The excitement fades, as water fills up the streets, in someone’s house, outings turn into parades to the multiplexes or just lounging in someone’s overstuffed sofa.
Last year the rains literally created havoc, forcing life to a standstill. Many people were relocated, so many of us were stranded on the road with knee deep water unable to reach anywhere. We had 2 days off from work; some days we somehow managed to reach office by the longest routes possible trying to avoid routes with submerged bridges and blocked roads. After all work cannot stop, right?


One of my friends was in Edinburgh (spelling?) for a year for studies. She said the weather is so bad, it rains all the time. I can’t imagine how it is. I would go crazy if it rains all the time. Too much rain makes me gloomy. Also there would be no desperate wait for the first rain, the lovely smell of parched earth when the first drops fall on it. There would be no novelty, no anticipation. I am so desperate for the rains to start.

Sitting in a café’ looking out and feeling the heat outside in spite of the air conditioning inside, I wonder when the rains will start. I also know that I will be sitting in the same café’ when it rains too much, wondering when it will stop.

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  1. This is a very beautiful post, I’m still digesting it and I’ll come back over the days and weeks. The photographs are wonderful, they bring back some of those memories from more carefree times.

    We used to have flooding just like that, every few years in Shrewsbury although that’s a very small town in relation to Pune.

    It doesn’t always rain in Edinburgh, but sometimes it seems to. Especially when you’re sitting in a lunchtime cafés looking out at dank, grey streets throughout the Winter.

    (The spelling is good.)


  2. Yes, lovely post Violet! Beautiful. Sinhagad looks AMAZING!!

    I know what you… I miss the rain when we don’t have it. When we do… I can’t wait for it to go away!


  3. Ohhhh it MAGICAL sketches!!! it really is..
    Thanks ever so. the words, the pictures… what a wonderfully diverse we live in know?

    From the folks timing their go home journey from work, just to miss the next downpore, to your hidden, AS MINE ARE [away from prying eyes] romantic feelings for the rain!!!

    The rain brings new life, people lighten and brighten, but in a different way, and “only temporary” 🙂 for the rains can, and in your world, OFTEN DO, bring destruction and harm!! or to put it more “roimanticaly” ” a disturbance” 🙂

    I’m so thrilled I know you skethces… even though it’s just in blog land… for two worlds we both share, and very different they be, yet slowly, and deliberaltely – they’re coming together, as capitalism and the “HUN FOR WEALTH” takes over the globe we call “EARTH!”.

    The pictures are beautifull!, your words even more so…

    You know what though?

    I cant picture my6 beautifull sketches, my purely literate and very beautiful sketches, running for her cab, or the bus, or hurrying to her car after work!!!!

    I guess thats all my western insecurities and lack of a complete “worldly education”!!

    Ohh sketches,, if only we all could go be educated at the best schools, then leave and go round the world before university, perhaps go on a gap yr or two!!!!

    It hurts me to think of all of us, and how the lives we all should be leading, are being elad by the privalidged few!!!!

    BUT people like you sktches, you make me stronger!!!

    The Monsoon looks glorious!!!
    How very far we live apart dear sketches,, two worlds so very far, far apart!!!

    Yet speak we do 🙂 and grow fond of each other I know I and you do 🙂

    Thanks for the words, and the pictures!!! bless you sketches hun, bless you!!!

    Try not to think of blogging as work, although the computer before you makes it seem so.

    TRY INSTEAD, to think of the computer as an extention of yourself, at least when you’re blogging!!!

    Or perhaps, write pen to paper, ort pencil to paper, whenever yu blog, then scan and upload it the next day at the dreaded computer!!!

    Do what I do sketches…

    Lean out of your bedroom window late at night, when the stars are bright!!!
    Think of life and all of its embrace…

    Then speak to yourself, have words with yourself…
    But write them down, write them down!!

    Talk to your friends across the oceans!!!
    Speak to Hypoer, and all the rest!!!

    Cause were here and reading!!!

    Fairwell my Indian Princess!!!

    Thanks for the blog of the Monsoon!!!
    It was…
    Well it was special!!!


    Hyper x0x0x0x


  4. Wonderful post. And the pictures are amazing.
    Blogging isnt work. But sometimes it does seem like a bit of a chore. Keep blogging as your so good. x


  5. Fab, yes, blogging isn’t work, I just wish I did not have to sit with my computer to do it, I might start keeping a diary, may be I could copy them things when I feel like…


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