About the “so-called” awaited team outing..

Well, we had a team outing on Friday, I mentioned that before right? Oh, yes, I did. Time to meet and mingle with people from other teams and all that. I was least interested. We were all counting on an outing in the wilderness, a trek, a walk to a place which could make us forget the daily hassles, traffic, and pollution of city life. But where do they take us? To a club. Go like executives, play games and have fun like, yes, like executives again.
We were supposed to leave at 3 in the afternoon, but some of us got late due to pending work. You know Friday work which you do not want to leave to Monday. As it is Mondays are spent in a daze. Who remembers what you did on Friday?

Anywayz, when we reached there, we found everyone sitting in a banquet hall. The next thing lined up was, can you guess, Housie. Has anyone ever played Housie in a party, except when it is with a family? We decided to participate rather than crib about “How anyone can play Housie in a party?” I’ll admit it was fun, solely because I have the most lively and fun loving friends and colleagues’ ever. We were laughing at every number not found, every number drawn, for no apparent reason. That’s the way it is everyday, we laugh so much, and that people from other far away cubicles have started noticing us. There is this new girl in our unit, and let me tell you, she is the weirdest person I have ever seen in my life. The way she talks, the way she dresses, the way she bosses around makes us laugh even more. I am being a bitch, right? But sorry, can’t help it, she IS the weirdest person anyone has ever seen. And moreover we think she is a lesbian. The problem does not lie in being one, the problem lies in thinking that ever girl around her is a lesbian too. She is simply impossible. We laugh a lot at her expense; we can be wicked good at that.

Okay I am steering form the topic. We were then lead to a garden, well kind of a garden. One of the things I enjoy most is to walk on the grass with naked feet. I just love that feeling, especially if the grass has a little dew on it. Just fantastic. We played, guess what again? “Tug of War” And our team won, that was fun, anything outdoor is fun.

We then had a party at the poolside, thank god for that. We danced, we ate, the chicken tikka’s and chiken kabas’ were simply amazing. Lip smaking actually. No hard drinks. Many people were crying hoarse about it, but I was happy. Some people loose their senses after drinking and spoil the entire party mood.
All in all, a happy and relaxed evening, which set the tone for an equally happy weekend.

As an aside, I watched ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Metro’ on weekend. Spiderman I hated, so boring I was about to doze off, but METRO was a welcome change, Shipa Shetty does look amazing in it, and I loved the songs too. Worth spending money on.

11 thoughts on “About the “so-called” awaited team outing..

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  1. Sounds fun, anything fun at work is always good!
    And people don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun. I can’t stand it when people get so out of their heads they become unbearable.
    As for the weird person, every work group needs at least one!


  2. Darn it. Foiled again. Another plan to indoctrinate the world in the joys of cricket goes to waste…


  3. White collar workers play HOUSIE?

    IN CLUBS????????????????

    /Hyper **blinks** and reads again….
    /Hyper goes Red – desperately trying to hold in whats bursting to be released!!!!


    At least your settling in my most literate of all online friends 🙂
    Am happy for you in your new job…. think of you from time to time yano 🙂 imagine what you must look like, what your thinking right then and there, whether things still go well for you…

    I misss you over at 20six yano – miss lots of people I do 😦

    Ai’t life a riddle in the extreme sketches? 🙂

    Take care you 🙂 I’m always here watching and reading..

    Hyper x


  4. btw i can guess what you must look like, long hair, with a little eye make up, some piercings, right?

    I can’t say i miss you, you are always around, sometimes on 20six, sometimes on my google reader 🙂

    Not possible CM, no mater what you say, i will NEVER like cricket 🙂


  5. Hehe! Well id does sound like rather good fun, at least you all joined in instead of sitting it out and griping (like I would have 😉 )


  6. Sounds like you had fun. We have spiderman 3 in our house to watch but im not eager to see it. I never thought thay picked the right man to play Spidey.


  7. I dont know do i?

    :blush meh okies so you got me down to a T hehe…

    Trying desperately to picture you…

    I dont want to think stereotypical thoughts though.. gimmie some hints 😀

    Hope you’re well 🙂

    Lov as always…

    Hyper xxx


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