Random Snippets…

I couldn’t comment on any of the wordpress blogs for about 3 days…How sad is that? Thankfully the support people have fixed the problem, I just hope it does not happen again. It is really frustrating.

Other than that:
Most of my friends are either engaged or getting married.

I am really pissed of with the Gere and Shilpa issue. What’s up with it guys? I mean come on, all he did was kiss her, if SHE doesn’t mind who are you? Though 95% of Indians are not bothered with who kisses whom, I need it’s time for the 5% to get up and get a life. The judge who issued an arrest warrant against Gere is transferred, yayyy…high time people come to their senses.

I was supposed to go to California next month for a month for work, but there were some Visa issues. Hmmm…Whatever…

My new teammate is really cute, we help with each others work and we laugh a lot, which makes it easier to stay in the office for more than 12 hours.

I got a mail from one of my friends who has gone to Chennai for a few days:
“Can u believe women here don’t even believe in waxing their arm! 😛 so I see women around me wearing saris and salwars with a lot of body hair on their hands and what not! God!!! Take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….” Isn’t she funny? She keeps on observing such things and writing to me, it’s a welcome break.

Our Unit is going for outing today, so we have to leave the company by 3 in the afternoon. I doubt if i’ll be able to leave on time though. How lovely is that? But the guys are going to play Cricket for some time. And how sad is that? I don’t like Cricket, but I might join in, it is better than just waiting at the sides and cheering.

My company has a new rule, no casuals on Friday, now we cannot wear jeans.

Some really good points about leaving work at 9 pm in the evening.
1) I get to see almost the same people everyday as there is only one bus for my route as opposed to 4-5 busses at 6 or 7.
2) I have met some really nice people and we share and crib and curse our managers for making us work so hard. It’s like being in a sorority.
3) Less traffic, therefore less pollution.
4) Does not give me enough time or leaves me with enough energy to think and brood about small issues and troubles.

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  1. Glad you’re commenting again!

    DEFINITELY join in with the cricket. It might be the start of a great relationship with the beautiful game! (And it is much more fun to play than watch!)

    Leaving work at 9pm is not good! 😦 (I suppose I’m later with gigs but that’s not every day.)


  2. Ah yes, but when you play it…! It will all come alive, I guarantee!
    I’m expecting your next blog post to be along the lines of “I’m a convert to the joys of cricket”! 😉


  3. What was up with your commenting.

    I think that shilpa thing is a bit annoying. But i guess it is her religion or something like that.

    Going to Cal.. wow that would be ace. Sometimes you have to keep hassling to get your visa sorted.

    Not wearing Jeans on a Fri is sucky.


  4. Still doubt it CM, but it does help to be optimistic, doesn’t it?

    Commenting? I don’t know Fab, I commented on your blog too, but it didn’t turn up.

    It has nothing to do with religion; it’s just some people who have nothing else to do…that’s all.


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