Just like that…

Someone searched for Abhi-Ash wedding on Technorati and it led to my blog, hmmm…that’s a good way to increase traffic, just put in 2-3 hottest celebrity names.

I am getting used to wordpress and I like it a lot, though I still miss my previous blog.

I am loaded with work, I leave office everyday at 9.00 pm and reach home by 10.00 pm, hope this does not last long.

I almost miss my bus everyday in the morning. 

I have so many pending movies to watch, how is ‘Perfect stranger’?

Another of my good friends is moving to Bangalore coming Monday. 

I am in love with google reader.

One of my friends won a trip to Switzerland through a lucky draw. How come I never get to participate in such draws?

I might have to come to work on weekends.

8 thoughts on “Just like that…

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  1. Violet, sounds like you must be working too hard! Make sure you take some time to watch those movies… Otherwise you’ll burn out! Take it easy… if possible!


  2. H Violet
    I understand your work schedule…a month back me was in similar situation…am relaxing these days…so yours will pass too… and then you can watch movies and read and do whatever else you want.
    Life they say is circular…:)


  3. Working on a weekend?! That sucks!

    I miss my old blog..my very first 20six blog. It was all carefree and just whinged about my work colleague and IT guy. Those were the days.


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