Come and say HI…

Hi All

Especially those who have come here from 20six. 
Well this is my second blog, the first being this. (If you comment on that blog please do NOT mention this blog)And do not ask me about the name VioletCrush, it doesn’t mean anything.Partly why my blog has this name is because all the other names I tried were already taken up.But whatever or however it is “this is it”, I really hope I don’t have to change the blog again. 
I still need to go through the features of WordPress. The ones I have already seen and liked are putting the comments off for one post or say putting a password to a single post.But I still need to figure out how that works. Also I have to moderate the comments now which I don’t want to do. I haven’t figured out how to do that either.I created a new blog called trialwords here just to check out wordpress, but now I cannot delete it and I could not open a new account as my email address is already assigned to trialwords.

The point is whenever I comment, it is signed as trialwords and not violetCrush.Seems like I have a lot of things to figure out J Anyways, those who visit, please drop in a Hi

See you around.

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  1. Hi Violet! Welcome to WordPress! You’ll soon get the hang of it, especially with your ability to create cool blogs! Catch you soon!


  2. Hi there! WordPress is lovely once you’ve learnt your way around. I’ve been here for a while now. You don’t have to moderate comments every time if you don’t want to – there’s a setting in your dashboard where you can change it, although I can’t remember off the top of my head how to do it. I’ll have a poke around and see if I can offer any helpful tips 🙂


  3. Aha. OK, go to your dashboard, then to ‘options’ and ‘discussion’. At the bottom of that section there are three tick boxes as regards comment moderation, so just choose which ones you want and don’t want. I just make sure that everyone fills out name and email and leave the other boxes unticked – the Akismet spam filter is excellent over here and picks up pretty much all spammy things.


  4. Hey Katja thanks, you have always been a good help 🙂

    Thank you Concert master. But i am really disaapointed with the fact that there is no where that you can create your own layout…or is there?


  5. Hi Violet
    Thanks for telling me your new address. WordPress has some lovely layouts as I have noticed on some blogs. Maybe some trial and error exercises later you will find what you want. All the best.


  6. Yes you can! It’s pretty easy as I remember…*tries to remember*…
    hmmmm….. well OK, I can’t remember how I did it but if a computer thicky like me can do it, it can’t be that hard! You won’t have a problem! 🙂


  7. wh000pp Hyper signing in MAM!!

    Good luck with this one “Violet” hehe 😉

    Going to have a nosey round your new place now – hope you haven’t left anything “naughty” out – cause my beedy eyes will find um **giggles**

    Take care & speak soon for sure..

    With luv always..

    Hyper xxxx


  8. Hi Sketches, I mean Violet 🙂 WordPress is very different from 20six but overall is a lot better. I still prefer the good old days of 20six (as IanB) before The Big Platform Change because their old software was arguably the best blogging software I’ve used and the community feel was so good. Platform27 uses the old-style 20six software but it just doesn’t do it for me so WordPress it is. Have fun, the pennies will all drop into place eventually.


  9. Its you… .you… yay… welcome to over here. Loving the name. wahoo.
    I have been here a while and its pretty easy once you get going. hurrah..
    If you need any help just hollor. xxxxx


  10. Hey concert master, just think harder and let me know, okay? 🙂

    Punctuation: I have been to your blog before but I didn’t know it was you, as in IanB, seems like everyone from 20six has shifted here.

    Yes Fab : yay…I am here…

    Hi Anjali…


  11. oooooooo hey!

    you can pay a one off £5 or something and then you can edit the css code and change the colours and things 🙂

    the rest of it you kind of find out as you go along i think, but the faq’s and things here on wordpress are quite good so check those out


  12. There are loads of really nice basic templates over here, which are free – woohoo! If you want, you can customise a lot of the headers to make them a bit more personal. Or, as Sammy says, if you want to be a bit more involved, you can pay to be able to edit the CSS. Go into ‘presentation’ on your dashboard and it’s all in there.


  13. hmmm..okay Katja and Pinky : seems like i have no choice but to go through the loads and loads of help docs in wordpress.

    Jason: Hi, SURPRISED to see you here 🙂


  14. Hey! I found you by accident..following a link on Katja’s blog. Nice to see you over here (especially as I can’t access 20six from work and have no internet connection at home!) xx


  15. Now I’m here, thought I’d say hi! I really need to catch up on blogs, there are a few that moved that I need to relocate…
    Re comments, when I used WordPress on my host there was an option to just moderate each visitor’s first comment then they’d be ‘trusted’ allowing future comments throught automatically.


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